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Five years have passed since the Confederacy of Vulcan joined with their cousins in the Romulan Free State and established the new Romulan Star Empire in their wake. Since then they have been working to reestablish themselves as a galactic power. Deep inside the upper echelon of the Romulan Government the United Federation of Planets has placed a mole intent on ending the Romulan threat once and for all.

"Current projections indicate that the Romulan Free State will fall within the next decade due to the loss of population and resources due to the emergence of the Romulan Republic. Prior to reunification this would have made the Romulans increasingly desperate and a desperate animal is a dangerous one. With reunification Vulcans will supplant the Romulan hierarchy at which time we will then proceed to cease hostilities and apply for Federation membership. The Federation will have conquered the entire Romulan Free State without firing a single shot.”

It was a dangerous gamble, but may be about to pay off. While escorting the President from a meeting on Qo'noS, Starfleet One has received a cryptic message from the Confederacy of Vulcan. "Cheese." Now the race is on to uncover the hidden meaning behind the message that may determine the fate of the entire galaxy.

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Short Treks

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Short Treks are stand alone stories that give a chance for players to tell stories outside of group missions and explore our universe.

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It is a time of uncertainty for the United Federation of Planets. After centuries of being apart, reunification between the Romulan Star Empire and the Confederacy of Vulcan has happened and thrown the galaxy into chaos. With the emergence of a new Praetor an unexpected alliance has been proposed allowing Vulcan to serve both the Federation and the Romulans, creating a political nightmare for President Gruzy and his Administration. They must decide if keeping the Federation's oldest ally is worth making a deal with the Federation's oldest enemy.

Though things are never as they seem. Deep within the galaxy lies a world that is off-limits to everyone - a world of mystery and of illusion. To visit this planet will result in certain death - if not from the harshness of the world itself then from the Federation that has sworn to protect its secrets until the end of time. So, what happens when a cry for help from deep within this quarantine zone echoes throughout the galaxy?

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Decades ago the Dominion, self-appointed rulers of the Gamma Quadrant, waged war against the United Federation of Planets and its allies over control of the Alpha Quadrant. The conflict tore apart the galaxy as worlds were subjugated and entire fleets of mighty starships were destroyed. After many fierce, bitter battles a hard won peace was achieved. The Dominion returned to their part of the galaxy through the Bajoran Wormhole and vowed to leave the Alpha Quadrant to its own devices with a mutual agreement that neither side would encroach upon the others territory again.

Things are about to get interesting on the edge of the final frontier...

After decades of isolation the Founders, rulers of the Dominion, have sent an emissary to Starbase 419 on a mission of peace. The Dominion has invited representatives of the United Federation of Planets to join them for a peace conference to establish a new alliance between the two dominant powers of the galaxy. With multiple setbacks in his Administration, President Gruzy has welcomed the opportunity to build a new relationship with the Federation's former adversary and has set out aboard Starfleet One to participate in what is surely to be the most important peace mission of his career.

Though, below on the Federation world known as Bajor storm clouds from the past are gathering that could jeopardize the very future not only of Bajor but the Federation itself.

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The worlds of the United Federation of Planets are celebrating the completion of the New Vulcan Colony in the Fontana System, a memorial to the men, women, and children who lost their lives during the Vulcanis Lunar Colony Disaster. President Gruzy, a survivor of the Vulcanis Disaster, is excited to christen this next chapter for the Vulcan citizens within the Federation, but all that is put at risk when a shadow from the past threatens the future of both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

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While transporting the President and his team from their latest diplomatic mission, Starfleet One responds to a distress call that leads them to a planet resembling Earth! Seeing an opportunity, Starfleet One is ordered to intervene and are amazed to learn of only one difference between the worlds: the presence of a large island inhabited by Humans claiming to citizens of the lost continent of Atlantis. However, not all is as it seems on the idyllic world and the crew of the Starfleet One may pay the price for unlocking the pages of history.

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"Genesis is life from lifelessness. It is a process whereby molecular structure is reorganised at he subatomic level into life-generating matter of equal mass."

It all started as a dream; a dream of a mother and son to build worlds capable of saving the dead and dying. A quick, amazing way to build entire planets to house new civilizations, to eliminate the burdens of overpopulation and famine. New cities, homes in the country, children playing at your feet. It was an amazing dream...

"What if this thing were used where life already exists?"

"It would destroy such life in favour of its new matrix."

... That has become a nightmarish reality. The Dominion, long standing enemy of the Federation, has become desperate for peace. A powerful enemy, armed with the powers of creation itself, have begun to devastate their worlds of the Dominion. Entire civilizations have fallen and helping their enemy may bring about certain doom for the entire Federation...

"It has always been easier to destroy than to create."

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