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Federation LogoFollowing the horrific death of President Lesia Enaren during the destuction of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Ambassador Gruzy of the Xindi has been elected President of the United Federation of Planets following one of the most bitter elections in modern history. It is a time of rebuilding as many have lost trust in the Federation Council and its leadership in recent years as more and more rights have been infringed in the name of progress. As darkness has grown throughout the galaxy, the growing specter of corruption has become evident within the Federation itself. The Core Worlds have continued to grow in peace and prosperity while for the worlds on the Frontier every day is a struggle to survive. Meanwhile, old friends and enemies have joined together to strike a new claim on the galaxy, intent upon leaving the Federation broken in their wake.

With the shadow of Vulcanis looming over them, the fallout of the Romulan/Vulcan reunification still fresh, not to mention the risk of war with the Klingons, the first duty of the Gruzy Administration is to restore faith in the Federation and its values. Then there are the more internal threats previously unimagined: a Federation Council that is unsupportive of the new President and has an agenda of its own. Theirs is a story different than any other in the final frontier as they navigate the scandals, threats and political scuffles that the Federation faces every day. Every decision that's made, every action taken by this intrepid men and women will affect countless lives throughout the galaxy both now and beyond…

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This game has been voluntarily rated:

RPG Rating 2 2 2

This game features adult language (but with some limitations), sexual content is permitted (with some limitations), and violence may be depicted, but with limitations.

Despite this the game does not permit players under age 18 at present time and reserves the right to implement a trial period on any new players and/or remove players if needed.

Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made production intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures.

Latest News Items

» Next Mission: 749148

Posted on Mon Aug 2nd, 2021 @ 3:34am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

It is a time of uncertainty for the United Federation of Planets. After centuries of being apart, reunification between the Romulan Star Empire and the Confederacy of Vulcan has happened and thrown the galaxy into chaos. With the emergence of a new Praetor an unexpected alliance has been proposed allowing Vulcan to serve both the Federation and the Romulans, creating a political nightmare for President Gruzy and his Administration. They must decide if keeping the Federation's oldest ally is worth making a deal with the Federation's oldest enemy.

Though things are never as they seem. Deep within the galaxy lies a world that is off-limits to everyone - a world of mystery and of illusion. To visit this planet will result in certain death - if not from the harshness of the world itself then from the Federation that has sworn to protect its secrets until the end of time. So, what happens when a cry for help from deep within this quarantine zone echoes throughout the galaxy?

» Lohlunat Festival 2021!!!!!

Posted on Sat Jul 24th, 2021 @ 6:12am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Throughout the cosmos Risa has become another word for fun. From its tropical, sandy beaches to its crystal clear seas, any who visit are instantly taken in by Risian hospitality. Few ever want to leave the paradise planet, and that is especially true during the annual Lohlunat Festival. The Lohlunat Festival is an annual Risian holiday also known as the “Festival of the Moons.” It is a day of peace, of relaxation, and of friendship for all who journey there.

You are cordially invited to join us at the beautiful Suraya Beach Resort on Risa for a beach party this Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 19:00 GMT (14:00 EDT, 13:00 CST, 12:00 MST, 11:00 PST) for the annual Lohlunat Festival. Our festival is a bit different than most. There will be fun for all in a live roleplay where people can come together to just be together, not to solve intricate puzzles or to explore the mysteries of the universe. This is a family friendly event though so please leave your Horga’hn and your quest for Jamaharon back on the ship.

We hope to see you there!

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» In Recognition of Our Amazing Players...

Posted on Sat Jun 26th, 2021 @ 4:05pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Good Morning Everyone,

As the leader of Starfleet One and Zodiac Fleet both I have always wanted to have a strong, dedicated response to identifying the amazing work of the players of our games. Each of you are amazing people who have accomplished a lot and written amazing stories.

To help recognize your contributions, we have implemented an awards system at both the Fleet and Game level. While some aspects of this program are under development, one of the first awards that we have put into place are designed to identify the time people have been members of our group. A few moments ago Starfleet One was the first game to have commendations for membership awarded. Each player has been assigned awards based upon their time with the group, recognizing their how long they have been with us.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for being part of this journey. We have players who have been here less than six months and some players who have been here for 15+ years. This is an amazing thing and I deeply appreciate your being here.

Thank you all for everything that you do!



» OOC: Posting Guidelines Updated

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 4:12am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Posting Guidelines

This game is designed to be a safe, engaging, and friendly place for all who participate in it. In order to promote a strong, healthy game for all participants these guidelines have been established to help guide all players within our group.

1.) All players are asked to please read the post before responding to it and to please post any responses in a timely manner. Each player is expected to post a minimum of one post every four days. A post is expected to be written in third person narrative format and be between 2 and 3 paragraphs long. One sentence responses are only acceptable to tags. A tag should be responded to within 48 hours. We do ask that you check your spelling and grammar and we ask that you be patient with others’ spelling and grammar. Players should also avoid unprofessional language, texting shorthand (eg., UR, np), and should try to be clear with their responses.

2.) If another player made the point you wanted to make, you can agree with them and elaborate further, expand on the idea, take it in a different direction, or come up with a different approach altogether. Players should avoid responding immediately if they are upset. If a post upsets you, take a moment before responding. If you write something while angry please review your response carefully before posting. Remember that once your thoughts are posted they are free for everyone to read and even if they are removed the impact has still been made.

3.) We do not tolerate any participant writing for a character who does not belong to them unless you have authorization from the owner of the other character. If you want your character to interact with another person's character you may tag them or do a joint post.

4.) All players are permitted to hold as many characters as they can actively maintain provided that they do not fall behind on posting requirements. If a player is going to be unavailable for a period of time, he/she will request a LOA through their Dashboard Control Panel on NOVA.

5.) Harassment of any type will not be tolerated by the Game Masters and participants of this game. In the event that a player is accused of harassment toward another player an investigation will occur to determine the origin of the harassment, the effect of harassment, and level of impact of the harassment. Following investigation a decision will be made regarding potential resolution. The owners and operators of this group reserve the right to terminate membership of any participant and/or groups of participants with or without cause. Conversely a participant and/or group of participants may terminate their membership with or without cause at any time.

Tip: On a more practical level, it’s often useful to type out responses in word processing or text editing software to refine before posting them, in case there’s a problem with the browser or the software. Then copy and paste them into the discussion post.

» OOC: Spinoff Announcement

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 @ 4:06am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Greetings Everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the spin-off game for Starfleet One, currently titled Federation One.

Federation One is a new game that we are launching set in the 32nd Century, approximately 6 months prior to the events of Discovery Season 3's episode "That Hope is You, Part 1." While this will be set in the era of Discovery, we will be giving all players the option of continuing on with their current characters in this new game.

But wait because there's more!

Starfleet One will also be continuing as it currently is in the 25th Century. We have a plan in place to explain both of these games being in play with the same characters so no need to worry about that. You can choose to play in Starfleet One, Federation One, or you could be in both.

Starfleet One will continue to be played from http://sf1.16thfleet.com
Federation one will be played from http://f1.16thfleet.com

To show that they are based on the same game you'll notice that the sites look almost exactly the same, except the image of the ship has changed.

We plan to launch the game concurrently with an upcoming post of Starfleet One. If you're going to participate in Federation One please start joining the new site as soon as possible.



Latest Mission Posts

» The Cheese Stands Alone

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Sun Jul 18th, 2021 @ 1:44pm by Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen & Rear Admiral Greg Coulson & Lieutenant Ilbis Ilkun  MD & Admiral Willian Targaryen & Admiral Sakkath & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Ash Randall & Lieutenant Commander Chire & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner

Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen sat on the Bridge of the Enterprise glaring at the viewscreen, still dumbfounded by what she saw before her. The visual feeds from outside the ship had been minimized and replaced by the stern looking visage of Sakkath - now the Praetor of the Romulan Star…

» Climbing a Mountain

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Thu Jul 1st, 2021 @ 3:39am by Rear Admiral Greg Coulson & Lieutenant Ilbis Ilkun  MD & T'Han & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner

An Aeroshuttle - also known as an Aerowing - was a specialized runabout-like vessel designed to serve as a scout ship. Aerowings were high-speed reconnaissance ships that were capable of atmospheric flight and for defense. Originally they were never meant to be independent vessels. Each ship was assigned to a…

» Place to Vent

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 6:34pm by High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes & Captain Ryan Walsh

"I am so glad, the president is safe, what a trying day this has been." Jasmine said, as she walked into the quarters of Captain Walsh, her boyfriend. She wasted little time, expressing her feelings. She just needed to vent a little.

“As am I,” Ryan nodded. “I hope we…

» This is FNN

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 5:03am by Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen & Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Admiral Sakkath & Admiral Xeri Tei & Captain Ryan Walsh & Commander Ash Randall & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD & Captain Nathan Bishop & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes

The starboard door slid open as Admiral Luzol Targaryen and most of the gathered Senior Staff of Starfleet One followed her onto the Bridge. Commander Snow was already there, having remained on the Bridge during the briefing. Every workstation was manned and the alert indicators signaled that the ship had…

» The Empty Crown

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Mon Jun 28th, 2021 @ 4:16am by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Admiral Sakkath

The Office of the Praetor was a large, intricately decorated room in the Romulan Senate Building. Located on the top floor, the room was created with warm color palates that were a stark contrast to the sterile designs normally incorporated into Vulcan designs. The desk was modest, with three large…