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Following the horrific death of President Lesia Enaren during the destuction of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Ambassador Gruzy of the Xindi has been elected President of the United Federation of Planets following one of the most bitter elections in modern history. It is a time of rebuilding as many have lost trust in the Federation Council and its leadership in recent years as more and more rights have been infringed in the name of progress. As darkness has grown throughout the galaxy, the growing specter of corruption has become evident within the Federation itself. The Core Worlds have continued to grow in peace and prosperity while for the worlds on the Frontier every day is a struggle to survive. Meanwhile, old friends and enemies have joined together to strike a new claim on the galaxy, intent upon leaving the Federation broken in their wake.

With the shadow of Vulcanis looming over them, the fallout of the Romulan/Vulcan reunification still fresh, not to mention the risk of war with the Klingons, the first duty of the Gruzy Administration is to restore faith in the Federation and its values. Then there are the more internal threats previously unimagined: a Federation Council that is unsupportive of the new President and has an agenda of its own. Theirs is a story different than any other in the final frontier as they navigate the scandals, threats and political scuffles that the Federation faces every day. Every decision that's made, every action taken by this intrepid men and women will affect countless lives throughout the galaxy both now and beyond…

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» OOC: Welcome

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2020 @ 2:21am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in Out of Character

Greetings Everyone,

We've had some exciting changes over the last few days, one of which I am very excited to announce tonight.

Please join me in welcoming Kate to the group as our new Assistant of Security: Lieutenant Elizabeth Reeves.

We will be beginning our next mission early next week. It's sure to be a lot of fun!


» "Cheese"

Posted on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 @ 4:32am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Five years have passed since the Confederacy of Vulcan joined with their cousins in the Romulan Free State and established the new Romulan Star Empire in their wake. Since then they have been working to reestablish themselves as a galactic power. Deep inside the upper echelon of the Romulan Government the United Federation of Planets has placed a mole intent on ending the Romulan threat once and for all.

"Current projections indicate that the Romulan Free State will fall within the next decade due to the loss of population and resources due to the emergence of the Romulan Republic. Prior to reunification this would have made the Romulans increasingly desperate and a desperate animal is a dangerous one. With reunification Vulcans will supplant the Romulan hierarchy at which time we will then proceed to cease hostilities and apply for Federation membership. The Federation will have conquered the entire Romulan Free State without firing a single shot.”

It was a dangerous gamble, but may be about to pay off. While escorting the President from a meeting on Qo'noS, Starfleet One has received a cryptic message from the Confederacy of Vulcan. "Cheese." Now the race is on to uncover the hidden meaning behind the message that may determine the fate of the entire galaxy.

» OOC: Rule Revisions

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 4:31pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen in Out of Character

To ensure that everyone involved is having a good time and to limit potential problems with simming, we have designed posting guidelines to be kept in mind while writing for your characters.

1.) Each player in Starfleet One is expected to post a minimum of one post every five days during an active simming period. Posts should be a minimum of three paragraphs long and should be written in the third person narrative format (similar to what you would find in a novel). One sentence entries are not acceptable as a post.

2.) Tags should be responded to as soon as possible, within a minimum of 48 hours, to allow for story flow and all players to have maximum involvement with the group. When working on a joint post, players will ensure that all tags are answered before posting the message to the entire group.

3.) Starfleet One does not tolerate writing for another persons character unless you have authorization from the owner of the other character. If you want your character to interact with another person's character you may tag them or do a joint post. Further, posts of an overly sexual nature ARE NOT permitted in this group. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate discussion of your status by Game Masters of the game with penalties being decided based upon the infraction.

4.) All Starfleet One players are permitted to hold as many characters as they wish to provided that they can actively maintain each character and don't fall behind on posting. If a player is going to be unavailable for a long period of time, he/she will request a LOA through their Dashboard Control Panel on NOVA.

5.) Promotions are based upon a merit and nothing else. You will be promoted based upon your activity, contributions, and by following the rules. Additionally, a player may choose to leave the Starfleet One roleplaying game at any time with or without cause. The Game Moderators may, conversely, remove a player with or without cause as deemed necessary for group operations.

» Exodus Begins Friday

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 3:11am by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

"Genesis is life from lifelessness. It is a process whereby molecular structure is reorganised at he subatomic level into life-generating matter of equal mass."

It all started as a dream; a dream of a mother and son to build worlds capable of saving the dead and dying. A quick, amazing way to build entire planets to house new civilizations, to eliminate the burdens of overpopulation and famine. New cities, homes in the country, children playing at your feet. It was an amazing dream...

"What if this thing were used where life already exists?"

"It would destroy such life in favour of its new matrix."

... That has become a nightmarish reality. The Dominion, long standing enemy of the Federation, has become desperate for peace. A powerful enemy, armed with the powers of creation itself, have begun to devastate their worlds of the Dominion. Entire civilizations have fallen and helping their enemy may bring about certain doom for the entire Federation...

"It has always been easier to destroy than to create."

» A Message on Current Events

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2020 @ 10:55pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen in General News

Good Evening,

The last few weeks on our world have truly been interesting times for all of us. We've seen examples of the best of humanity, we've also seen examples of the worst. We all have a common goal of ensuring that both our families and ourselves remain healthy and safe during these turbulent times.

Family is a source of comfort for all of us, especially during trying times. As we all work to protect our families, I want to reassure that our online families are just as important. Zodiac Fleet is more than just a collection of friends, we are a family too. As more and more of us enter into this undiscovered country, remember that your online community is here for you.

Let's all take steps to help secure our online family. As more and more of us enter into a period of quarantine let's do our best to keep our online community thriving with discussion and gaming to help keep ourselves thinking of happier times. Social isolation is a real concern for all of us. Please keep your online friends in your thoughts during these trying times.

For the time being I am placing a hold on our logo contest, but we will move forward with the mentor voting later this week. I appreciate all of you who took time to nominate your peers, and I appreciate all who were nominated. I also appreciate everyone who participated in developing logos for the contest. Rest assured this will be revisited.

Thank you all for being part of our family. Let's all work together as we pursue happier times.


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» OOC: Next Mission

Mission: Cheese
Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 3:22am by Commander Galatea

Five years have passed since the Confederacy of Vulcan joined with their cousins in the Romulan Free State and established the new Romulan Star Empire in their wake. Since then they have been working to reestablish themselves as a galactic power; however, deep inside the upper echelon of the Romulan…

» New Horizons

Mission: Exodus
Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 3:04am by Councilor Idris Kizak of Betazed & President Gruzy of New Xindus & Secretary Jonathan Grayson of United Earth & Councilor Nokomis Diza of Krios & Councilor Kohek Cilona of Vashti & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes & Commissioner Ana-Maria Alexandrescu & Colonel Mok'leth Kevan House of Kilrah & Administrator Weyoun 12

[Palais de la Concorde]

President Gruzy never thought that he would be so happy to sleep in his own bed. It had been only six hours since the Enterprise and the Dominion Battleship had arrived at Earth, but it had been enough time for one of the most relaxing sleeps…

» A Quick Chat

Mission: Exodus
Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2020 @ 5:07am by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Ash Randall

Admiral William Teagarden stepped into the cavernous Saucer Engineering Chamber momentarily transfixed by the classic designs that he saw before him. When the Enterprise was designed all those years ago they had put a lot of focus on heritage, but very little of that extended inside the ship itself. Except…

» From Sea to Shining Sea

Mission: Exodus
Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 11:37pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Administrator Weyoun 12

The brilliant light of the red star shone brightly atop the small rock jutting out of the shimmering sea. The sounds of crashing waves, animals, life of any kind was absent from the scene as the away team from the Starship Enterprise appeared atop the outcropping of stone. There was…

» Homeward Bound

Mission: Exodus
Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 11:32pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Administrator Weyoun 12 & Commander Ash Randall

Admiral William Teagarden sat in his chair on the center of the Enterprise Bridge staring at the Jem'Hadar soldier sitting in the chair before him. The viewscreen didn't give him much more comfort as the interference obscured their view of the neighboring stars. For a race intent on their place…