Palais de la Concorde    [ View Specifications » ]
Federation Council Chamber   The Federation Council Chambers is a large hall where the Council of the United Federation of Planets holds their formal sessions

Starfleet One    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The Main Bridge is the command center of Starfleet One.
Admiral's Dining Room   The Admiral's Dining Room is a private reception area used by the Admiral when receiving guests.
Admiral's Ready Room   The Admiral's Ready Room is the private office of the Admiral while aboard the ship.
Executive Officer's Office   The Executive Officer's Office is the private office of the First Officer aboard the ship.
Conference Room   The Deck One Conference Room is a briefing area for the Senior Staff or guests.
Main Engineering   Main Engineering is an area aboard Starfleet One where the ship's engines and power sources are contained and controlled by Engineers.
Main Sickbay   The Main Sickbay is the name given to the primary medical area aboard Starfleet One. It is equipped with the latest medical technologies and is staffed at all times. Unlike most vessels, aboard Starfleet One the Main Sickbay is located in the Stardrive Section with a support facility located in the Saucer Module.