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Training Cruise

Posted on Wed Jul 10th, 2019 @ 12:08pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Rrawran & Lieutenant Ilbis IlkunĀ  MD & Lieutenant Zomuul jav Ghul & Lieutenant Avir Yavan & Lieutenant Barbax & Lieutenant Surna Chothia & Lieutenant Senak & Lieutenant Vijraoth sh'Kovrirr & Lieutenant Taasah
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Mission: Atlantis
Location: Bridge, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 06:00

"Admiral's Log, Stardate 106517.9: Starfleet One has been reassigned to the Romulan Border under the direct orders of the President. I regret that we have been pulled away from the Atlantean Expedition, but where the President leads we will follow. I have sent the Senior Staff to visit Atlantis from the Spock. I only hope to be able to join them soon."

Admiral William Teagarden sighed as he finished his log entry and looked around the Bridge of Starfleet One. It was strange to see so many young faces at the workstations of his Senior Officers. They were well trained, experienced personnel but they were still in need of some seasoning especially if they were to ever hope to have those seats on a permanent basis.

"We're about to cross into the Sierra Sector," Lieutenant Avir Yavan announced from the Helm. She was the Acting First Officer while Commander Bishop was away. William liked her and had high hopes for her.

Teagarden nodded, "Very well. Maintain course to avoid crossing the Neutral Zone."

"Yes Sir," the Angosian woman answered.

"Admiral?" Taasah called from the Operations console.

William looked at the Zambean man, "What is it, Lieutenant?"

"I'm picking up something on the distress channel. It's minimal signal, but I think it's a distress call," he typed on Commander Bishop's workstation.

"Let's hear it."

The young officer protested, "I may not be able to play it."

William left no room for debate with his answer, "Let's hear it."

The message was as choppy as the Lieutenant said it would. A female voice came through the speakers on the Bridge, distressed and clearly out of her depth, "This is the transport ship Stellar Majesty. We have had a catastrophic systems malfunction and have lost all power Our structural integrity is failing and we have casualties."

"I've located them," the Tellarite Science Officer Zomuul jav Ghul announced from his panel. "They're on course 218 mark 300 - 7.5 AU away."

"That puts them in the Neutral Zone," Senak cautioned.

Zomuul nodded, "Confirmed, Sir."

"Under Treaty the Romulans have to allow us to help a damaged vessel," Yavan interrupted.

Rrawran let out as close to a laugh as his canine like species could make, "If the Romulans see it that way."

Hokka chimed in, "There are people out there. We have to help them."

The Admiral was surprised by the comment. Hokka was a Mizarian and they weren't exactly known for their dedication to risk or conflict. They'd been conquered so many times in their history that they barely had a history of independence.

"Lieutenant, set course."

"Aye Sir," Yavan typed quickly. "Adjusting course to intercept the transport. Estimated intercept in 3 minutes." An alarm signaled from the Flight Control console, "We've crossed the Demilitarized Zone."

Senak spoke, "We've now violated the Treaty."

"Doctor, head to Sickbay. Standby for casualties." William ordered.

The Chelon nodded, "I was afraid you'd say that. I'm on my way."

The Operations Officer typed quickly, "I've lost their signal."

A rapid series of beeps came from the Science Console and the Tactical Workstation. It was the Tellarite Science Officer who answered, "Sensors detect three Romulan warships inbound."

William looked at the Tactical Officer, "Rrawran Yellow Alert."

The Rorworr nodded, "Aye Sir. Shields raising."

"Open a channel to the Romulan ships," William ordered as he stood.

"All frequencies are being blocked," Taasah typed on the screen.

The Tellarite Science Officer interrupted, "They're flooding subspace with anti-lepton radiation. It blocks communications."

"Standard protocol in combat," Security Officer sh'Kovrirr said from the station next to Tactical.

Teagarden smiled, "So much for the humanitarian clause. Red alert."

The alert klaxons bathed the Bridge of Starfleet One in a red light. Teagarden tugged on his uniform tunic and returned to his chair, "Ready full phasers and torpedoes. Target the weakest ship and fire on my command in an Alpha Strike against their warp core." Alpha Strikes were a devastating assault where every available weapon was fired at a target.

"Admiral I can get us out of here," Yavan protested. "We still have time to run."

"The antilepton radiation is disrupting our warp field. We can't," Barbax said from the Engineering console.

"Torpedoes inbound," sh'Kovrirr announced as the glowing red orbs of Romulan Plasma Torpedoes flew toward them. "Point defense phasers engaged."

Starfleet One's turrets started firing defensively at the incoming projectiles, but some made it through. William looked at Tactical, "Fire."

Immediately every phaser that Starfleet One had opened fire on the weakest vessel present - a Mogai Class ship left over as war surplus from the era of the Dominion War. Golden beams of energy slammed into the ship, ripping through its shields and into the hull. The vessel erupted like a newborn star as it lost containment. But it had the consequence of enraging the surviving Romulans. The remaining vessels circled and opened fire on Starfleet One. Disruptor Beams slammed into the hull as the ship's shields fought to protect them.

Their Ops Officer warned, "Shields at 70% and dropping fast."

"They're launching fighters!" Lieutenant jav Ghul warned.

Teagarden looked at the Tactical Officer, "Do the same!"

"Sir, our energizers are overloading," Barbax warned from the Engineering console. "Our systems were designed to protect us from multiple targets, but we're being overwhelmed."

"Attack Pattern Delta, full impulse," Teagarden commanded as he now stood behind the Helm. "Target the lead vessel and fire Polaron Torpedoes at their sensors."

Rrawran nodded and input the commands on his workstation, "Firing torpedoes." A wave of 10 purple orbs fired from the forward torpedo launchers at the massive green vessel. The Teral'n was the newest design of warbird to be built by the Empire, designed entirely for war and as a response to the Allegiance Class. It was a deadly combatant and when paired with other vessels it was all the more dangerous.

Especially when the torpedoes missed.

William sighed as he watched the torpedoes miss the target. Regrouping quickly he continued, "Continue fire on the target, full phaser barrage."

The ship rocked as additional plasma torpedoes impacted the ship. The lights on the Bridge flickered and sparks flew from the wall consoles. Engineer Barbax rushed to get information for the Admiral, "They've scored a direct hit to our power distribution centers. Main power is out. Emergency power is not responding."

"Shields are failing," Taasah cautioned with dread in his voice.

Smoke rose in the Bridge as workstations began to erupt in flame. He shook his head and sighed, "Enough. Pause simulation."

Galatea appeared next to the Admiral with a sour look on his face, "Congratulations Alpha Watch - you're all dead."

Lieutenant Yavan looked up from her workstation, "With respect the Kobayashi Maru is designed to be failed."

"I've beat it before," the Admiral answered. "The reality is that out here every situation we face is a no win scenario and it is our job to find out a way to beat the unbeatable, to win the unwinnable. This ship, her history, and her charge is undoubtedly the most important assignment within the entire Starfleet. Each of you is part of a legacy of people who are intended to be the miracle workers that can beat the Kobayashi Maru! And right now all I'm seeing are a group of failures."

He looked at Galatea, "Rerun the simulation. I want you to oversee as the Captain for the simulation."

"Yes Sir," Galatea nodded.

"With respect," Taasah interrupted, "It's still our off hours, Admiral. Many of us were in bed when you called for us. That has to be taken into consideration."

William stared at the man, "Be sure to tell that to the enemy when they really come. Because they WILL come." He looked at Galatea, "Restart the training regimen. I'll be on the Bridge."

The hologram nodded, "Aye Sir."

Teagarden stormed out of the holodeck and headed to the Bridge...


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