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Dreams of a Better Tomorrow

Posted on Wed Jan 15th, 2020 @ 11:48pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Captain Nathan Bishop & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Ash Randall & Commander Sherwin Porter & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD

Mission: Genesis
Location: Deck 1 Conference Room, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2430-01-02, 11:30

OOC: Ok everyone we're officially beginning our new mission. Please have your characters start arriving to the Conference Room for the meeting with the Admiral. The galley staff will begin bringing in food while characters are arriving. If your character is a vegan/vegetarian they are providing Mushroom Wellington with Rosemary and Pecans. For non vegan/vegetarians they will be having Stuffed Chicken Breast with Smashed Potatoes. Hope your characters enjoy!

I will post the start of the next section on 1/6/20. If your character hasn't arrived by then feel free to add as we go.

"What are we doing here, Admiral?" Galatea asked as Admiral William Teagarden stepped through the doorway and into the Deck 1 Conference Room.

"You know ever since you were on the Preserver ship you've gotten a bit of an attitude, Galatea." William challenged as he sat down at the head of the table.

The hologram paused, carefully examining her subroutines, "All of my diagnostics come back normal."

"Glad to hear it," he answered as he typed on the small pad next to his place setting. "I plan to brief everyone at the same time. Please alert the galley that I would like for lunch to be provided to those in attendance here today."

"That's not a lot of notice," the AI replied.

"Replicated is fine," he approved as he typed on the panel. "They're all going to be surprised by what they're about to find out."

Galatea nodded, "Would this have something to do with the unscheduled gamma activation?"

"That's restricted," William charged.

"I'm an AI, Admiral, we hear things," she answered. "So is it true?"

Teagarden sighed, "That's what we're going to find out. Now, if you would be so kind as to see to the galley I'd appreciate it before our officers start arriving."

"Oh I already sent the notice," she answered. "They're going to send up stuffed chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and corn for the meeting. A vegetarian option is also being sent based upon the dining preferences of those you invited. I have it coordinated."

"You're too kind," he answered with a touch of irritation. "Alright, since you already have an inkling of what is going on feel free to return to the Bridge and oversee things there until we're concluded. You can tie in here through communications."

"You know I can project myself in two places at once," to demonstrate she replicated herself and her doppelganger appeared on the opposite side of the table.

The Admiral shook his head, "Not this time. I'd like your full attention to be preparations for the ship. We need to be prepared for anything. Isn't that our motto?"

"I thought it was to boldly go where no one has gone before?"

"For a while it was fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise. President made us change it. Off you go," he motioned her away as he waited for his new arrivals.

"Of course, I know very well what the manual says, I wrote it, and they are, general, operational guidelines to accommodate the 99.9998% standard set by Starfleet." Commander Randall stated as she entered the Deck 1 Conference Room and looked to Admiral Teagarden as she said, "Randall out." And managed a toothy smile without it looking predatory. "Good morning, Admiral." She greeted while she took a seat at the conference table.

William smiled, glad he wasn't the one on the receiving end of Ash's comments, "Good to see you, Commander. Welcome to your first staff meeting after being promoted back to your old role of Chief Engineer."

"Congrats." Lily said with her rich British accent. She walked into the room and took her normal seat.

"Don't be so modest," Teagarden teased. "This is your first as Chief Science Officer."

"Congrats, in deed and likewise." Ash said, with a nod to Lt. Cmdr. Snow and looked to Admiral Teagarden. "It's good to be back." She replied, with a glance the direction of Hawkins as he came in.

"Thank you." Snow said with her British accent and a slight smile.

While they exchanged banter Hawkins arrived next, his lips twitched to form a smile as they continued to talk. He forced himself to be pleasant toward Snow despite her prickly demeanour and bluntness, truthfully it was simple because she'd replaced Lieutenant Green whom he missed dearly and because of that he resented her. He buried the twang of jealousy he bore toward his friend Bishop whom in a twist of fate now out ranked him after Nathan had blown his own changes of Command. Though that was months ago the old thorn twisted in his side occasionally parking a dark cloud over his mood and sadly today was one of them.

"Welcome to the party, Commander Hawkins," William greeted as the Strategist entered the room. He picked up a datapad and looked at the interface as they waited for others to arrive.

Lily sensed that the other Nathan didn't like her. She turned her Turquoise eyes upon him for just a few moments to give him a study. Then she turned her eyes to keep a watch for someone else.

T'Lisha strode into the conference room looking over the faces that were already there. "Party time?" she said smiling.

"Something like that," the Admiral answered from the head of the table. He looked at the assortment of PADDs on his table. At least he'd have some good news at the very beginning of this briefing for one person.

Opting to remain quiet Hawkins fought the urge to roll his eyes at the Admiral's attempt of humour.

Bishop entered next, he looked around and saw most if not all of the senior staff was already present. *Way to go Nathan." He scolded himself, *Nice appearance your sending to everyone else. The XO of Starfleet One, late to a staff meeting.* He saw Nathan Hawkins and smiled at his friend. Then if as sensing he turned and saw Lily looking at him.

Patton came in right behind Bishop. He had hustled himself here as quickly as he could. He took a seat and waited for the meeting to begin. He glanced around and saw Lily looking at Bishop and the man looking at her. Patton hoped the man would take a hint. Speaking of which, where was Jasmine? He had been hoping to catch up with her but the fates seemed against them.

Lily gave Bishop a smile that just seems mischievous. Then she turned to look at Patton as he was looking at the two of them. She gave him a wink, right before she turned her attention back to the Admiral.

Bishop's whole face seemed to light up as Lily smiled at him. It was a nice feeling, It had been a long time since he last had it. He turned and walked toward her, hoping to get a few words in before the meeting actually took place.

Sherwin Porter came in next. “Sorry,” he stammered. “Didn’t mean to be a little late.“ The truth was, he was chatting with his son over the communications array. He was trying to hold down his excitement because it was possible that Tony was going to be able to transfer to the Enterprise! He sat down at one of the remaining chairs.

As the last of the Senior Staff filed in, Admiral Teagarden felt it best to beginning their briefing. "Good Morning," he greeted as he sat at the head of the table holding his datapad. "I have just returned from a meeting with the President and Federation Leadership. We have been assigned a mission directly under the direction of the President himself, a mission of some importance to the future stability of the Federation and this Quadrant. I would give you more information, but I can't do the original message justice." He pecked at the keypad next to his hand.

Each of the computer terminals came alive at that moment with a view of a Bajoran Starfleet Officer sitting inside of an elaborately appointed Ready Room. His eyes were piercing through the subspace transmission and his features incredibly youthful. He was clearly still in a state of surprise by something, "Earlier today Gateway Station was visited by a ghost from our past. After an unexpected gamma activation we were visited by a Jem'Hadar Battleship under the command of a Vorta Overseer named Weyoun. Mister Weyoun has informed us that he has been sent to Gateway under orders to deliver a diplomatic overture for an alliance between the Federation and the Dominion. I admit that I am surprised by this turn of events. We had no indications that the Dominion had any interest in a relationship with us. Now they're here and they are requesting to meet with representatives of our government to negotiate this alliance."

"As a Starfleet Officer I am permitted to develop diplomatic relations with other races; nonetheless, I feel that this may be outside my areas of expertise. I am requesting immediate assistance with this operation as I don't believe that the Dominion will stay here for long and I can't easily keep them at bay. I await further instructions. Gateway out." The screens returned to ship status displays at that moment.

William leaned in, "The prospect of peace with the Dominion is something that the President doesn't want to lose out on. As such we have been selected to travel with him and a delegation to Gateway Station to provide security to the President and his staff during this assignment." As he said this the serving staff began to deliver the lunch meals to the crew present.

Jasmine walked in and immediately focused on the admiral. She had remained silent for most of the introductions. She was focusing on her duties, and reviewing security logs. When something the Admiral said caught her attention. "My team will be prepared, Admiral." Jasmine said, feeling that was not going to be an easy task. The Dominion's Jem'Hadar are formidable warriors, and she knew it.

"The possibilities boggle the imagination, Admiral." Ash stated, without elaborating, while the serving staff moved about. The Dominion, if nothing else, was practical so there was a, very, practical reason why they were seeking an alliance with the Federation. Determining that reason was paramount. Of course, there were a legion of diplomats and military strategists, all well above her pay grade, who would be working overtime on that question. Ash thanked the server who brought her plate and waited for the others to be similarly served.

The server placed his meal last, as was his preference, and they started out of the room. The Admiral smiled, "The possibilities are truly endless as you say, Ash. We know very little about the capabilities of the Dominion at this juncture, all we know is that half a century ago during the war they were extremely threatening. We have no reason to believe the same is not true now." He glanced back at his security chief, "I'm glad to hear your team will be prepared because they have to be."

"Since the President will travel with us we will have two support vessels flying with us: the James Kirk and the Philippa Georgiou. That is in addition to the Starship Spock which I'm pleased to announce has a new Commanding Officer officially." He looked at Commander Hawkins, "I'm happy to announce that Starfleet Command has authorized that Commander Nathan Hawkins be sworn in as the new Captain of the Starship Spock effective immediately. Commander O'Sullivan will serve as your XO."

He'd still been processing the news of the potential and unusual Dominion alliance when Nathan was suddenly thrust in the spotlight. Surprised and slightly numb at the gift that had fallen into his lap Hawkins found his voice enough to utter: "Thank you, sir."

Patton’s eyes widened. He was shocked as well as humbled by this news. He looked over at Hawkins who appeared surprised as well and said. “Thank you Sir.” What more could be said. A part of him wanted to do a fist pump and yell yes!

Jasmine was taken by this news. She was loosing her assistant chief, and he was being promoted over her. She wondered why that was? She knew this was not the place to address her concerns. She made a mental note, to talk to the first officer or the admiral later on.

T'Lisha was quiet, listening to the conversations. Since she was flight chief, there wasn't much for her department to really do other than make shuttles available for ferrying Ambassadors and the President between ships. "Admiral, is there anything my department needs to know other than the normal ferrying of people between ships?" she asked.

"I'm planning to meet individually with each of the departments, but there's going to be more called upon from you during this mission, Commander, than previously. I would like you to work with Commanders Bishop and Hawkins to help with coordination of our various forces. Tactical will work with you too because we are going to have battle simulation training while we are underway. XO, please see to them," he directed. "Each of you have been provided with a tactical analysis of the Dominion Battleship."

Jasmine swallowed her pride, and at the moment, she needed to focus on the task he laid out for her. "Aye Admiral." Jasmine called out, trying to hide her annoyance, about what had just transpired a little bit ago.

Bishop heard and saw the annoyance in Jasmine's voice. *Not a happy camper." He reflected silently. "Commander Haynes at your earliest convenience please come to my Ready Room."

"Yes sir." Jasmine said, as she looked over to Bishop. Then refocused her attention on the collective group. For the moment, she needed to stay focused on the task at hand.

“Understood Admiral.” O’Sullivan needed to check out the analysis and get together with Hawkins.

Blinking away his surprise Hawkins forced himself to focus on the Admiral as he continued to speak and lay out his plans prior to arrival at Gateway. They were certainly going to be kept busy.

He cut his chicken as he spoke, "Zeph and Ash will see to making sure that the ship is in prime condition to get out of harms way. Commander Snow will be watching for harms way," he smiled as he said the last part and popped a piece of chicken into his mouth.

"And, without folding local space into an Origami Crane in the process." Ash commented, while she poked at the chicken on her plate in a, less than enthusiastic, manner and then dosed the works with a liberal amount of salt and pepper.

Lily Snow only listened to what was being talked about. She hadn't touched the meal before it, but only listened. Her mind was working out various situations on why the Dominion all of a sudden desired peace.

"I want to do unannounced, simulated training with the medical staff," he looked at Doctor Porter, "because of the potential for high trauma during this mission. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I want everyone to be prepared for what may come. Doctor Porter will work with the XO for the preparations. Counselor Rigby will see to the diplomats while aboard."

Sherwin looked up from his food. “We will be ready, Sir,” He looked over at Hawkins, “and may I say congratulations, Commander? You deserve it.”

Swallowing a piece of his lunch Hawkins nodded toward Porter still slightly dazed from the announcement: "Thank you Doctor."

"Yes sir." Bishop replied again, fearing he was beginning to sound like a mina bird. Glancing at the CMO he spoke, "Whenever your ready Doctor."

Porter took another bite of his food and nodded at the Commander, indicating that as soon as the meeting was over he would be ready..

He finished a bite of his potatoes, "One of the primary concerns with this mission though is to secure peace within our galaxy; however, as much as it pains me, we're going to prepare for war all the same. The Dominion have provided an olive branch, but we're going to have arrows ready should the worst case scenario come to pass."

"The Dominion sent a Battleship. That's a lot of resources to risk if they're not serious about an alliance. My concern, at this point, is they feel the need for an alliance, possibly one of mutual defense. Can you imagine what might have the Dominion rattled enough to extend an olive branch to the Federation?" Ash asked and then took a sip of water.

"That's a scary, but accurate, thought," Teagarden answered his Chief Engineer. He looked around at the gathered staff, "Truth be told we're truly sailing into the unknown once more; though I know that the group of people here will be able to handle anything that comes our way. So, anything else for the good of the order?"

Both Ash and Teagarden had strong points Hawkins mulled. They'd find out soon enough the reason for the Dominion appearance, he sorely hoped it was for peaceful talks rather than a sly tactic to force the Federation to show their hand before making a strike.

"Admiral was there anything given with the transmission? Any thing unusual on scans of Dominion space?" Lily finally asked.

"I wish I could answer, Commander, but our options of scanning are limited based on the Treaty of Bajor. Our Gamma Quadrant Listening Posts have not picked anything of value up, but our ability to scan Dominion Space is restrictive based on the Treaty. No other ships have been detected on the most likely route they would take," he took a sip of water after speaking.

"Bridge to the Admiral."

Teagarden tapped his communicator, "Teagarden here."

"The President and his delegation have arrived aboard."

The Admiral looked at his gathered crew, "Thank you Bridge. Signal all hands to prepare for departure. We'll be up there shortly. Teagarden out." He closed the channel, "Alright everyone. Let's see what's out there. Anyone have anything else they'd like to add before we go?" No one spoke up. "Alright then. Set Course for Bajor, Maximum Warp."


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