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Shore Leave

Posted on Fri May 7th, 2021 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Ilbis Ilkun  MD & Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Commander Chire & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Cyrus Marner & Lieutenant Zoey Parker & Captain Nathan Bishop & Lieutenant Commander T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara

Mission: Cheese
Location: Ni'Var
Timeline: 2430-08-31, 17:00


Doctor Iblis Ilkun felt the warm breeze of the Vulcan air touch his skin and couldn't help but feel exhilarated. He loved serving on ships, it had been a passion of his since he was a young officer, but there was something special about breathing real air instead of the replicated, recycled stuff one breathed aboard a Starship - even if it was a little thinner than most people were used to. Plus, natural warmth was always much more welcoming than that of a starship.

It was early evening on the recently christened Ni'Var and the city was as alive as one could expect on what was once Vulcan. A collection of Vulcan citizens were meandering through the streets, most silently proceeding forward toward their destination. A few were talking amongst themselves, including a group of Vulcan monks. The Romulans, however, were a different story. If looks could kill the visitors from the Enterprise would have been dead a dozen times over. Each looked angry, but also at the Vulcans that surrounded them. It was eerie.

Iblis was surprised to see that there were some buildings that had signs reading "ROMULANS ONLY" and others reading "VULCANS ONLY" adorning them. Actually there were more than he would have expected and only a few of mixed usage. The Chelon approached one of the more welcoming ones and decided to go inside, wondering what he would find there.

Surprisingly it was a mixed bag. The tavern was alive with activity as the varied group of aliens sat around tables and a bar. There were Romulans and Vulcans both, but a diaspora of others were also sitting around conversing. The turtle-like Chelon counted at least half a dozen different races. Plus, there were Starfleet Officers visiting from Starfleet One with them.

He approached the table.

Lieutenant Dylan Blake glanced nervously around the space feeling on edge: "Normally I can't wait to put my feet on solid ground," he remarked to his company. "However this time I'm not feeling it."

"Ni'Var don't openly welcome visitors any longer," Commander Nathan Hawkins remarked softly over the rim of his drink. "You shouldn't expect the red carpet to be rolled out every time we arrive."

"Even with our VIP's?" Dylan countered his new department head.

Nathan nodded: "Especially yes, believe it or not some are rather displeased to see us and would happily bring harm and explosives or thalaron generators."

"They bring what?" the younger man gaped wondering if Nathan was joking. His invitation to Dylan and Chire join him upon the surface had professional courtesey written all over it but so far the Second Officer hadn't mentioned anything of the sort yet.

"Ah yes," Nathan paused. "You weren't aboard for the mission to New Vulcan Colony were you? Neither were you Chire?"

"No, that was before I was transferred but I do know someone stationed there, or at least she was last we spoke, a Commander Kumani."

"Hadn't realised that had been so long ago," the Commander mused with a shake of his head. "That was my first mission on Starfleet One," he explained. "Certainly opened my eyes to the dangers travelling with selected company."

"I take it things didn't go smoothly?" Blake asked curiously.

Hawkins snorted: "Practically everything that could go wrong that day did. The mission reports are assessable to you both if you're that interested."

Sensing Nathan was shutting down the topic deliberately Dylan wisely changed the subject and scooped up his drink: "I wonder what happened to Chomei, the freighter Captain."

"Considering how resourceful she turned out to be I would imagine she's avoiding trouble and doing just fine," Hawkins answered before sitting forward fractionally. "What's this I hear about Chire teaching you how to fly?"

"Oh," Dylan was surprised. "It was just a wild idea which, well, excuse the pun it grew wings."

"I see," the Commander turned to Chire: "Is he a good student?"

Chire smiled warmly. "He is, in fact he's a little too enthusiastic at times and over exerts himself. But I have not decided if I am done making modifications to his wings. I might try one more thing which I think will help him."

Dylan snorted into his drink with amusement as Chire explained.

"Modifications?" Hawkins asked curiously ignoring the Lieutenant who'd started to cough after choking on his drink. The Commander was finding the duo amusing, clearly they were good friends and enjoyed one another's company: "Like stabiliser for bicycles?"

"Oh! I have heard of this phenomenon. Training Wheels correct? But no, not exactly. Just perhaps a different shape to achieve lift and make it easier on his arms. I do not want to see him fall and be hurt." Chire answered him.

"You make your own lift?" Hawkins asked surprised at Dylan's fitness but the younger man could only nod while he continued to cough. "That's impressive, if not without its risks. I assume this is restricted to holodeck and not the arboretum?"

"Yes and with the safeties on Commander. I have no wish to break him." She gave Dylan a small smile. He wasn't the most social of creatures, especially around higher ranked individuals and there was probably some level of embarrassment involved. She would make it up to him later.

"He seems quite adept at doing that himself," Hawkins smirked leaning forward to swat Dylan on the back as his spluttered.

"This is true," Chire agreed. "He is accident prone."

"I'll bear that in mind," the Commander chuckled.

Cyrus when he materialized on to Ni'Var, walked away from the transporter site, covering his eyes to peer into the sky. It looked like a beautiful day and warm. He was going to enjoy this, in his cargo pants pockets he had a book, in another, he had his foldable fishing pole. He didn't know if there were anything remotely in the way of a pond but he brought it along just in case. In another one there was a bottle of water. In another pocket, he had a padd, and along with that, a normal pencil and paper just for him to jot down ideas and discoveries.

"What to do, what to do first or even go look at?" the best place to find out information would be to go to a local tavern/watering hole. He noted the signs of Vulcans only and Romulans only, could only shake his head. What a pity. He looked into several more mixed company bars and found one to his liking, which was where several others were at. Walking in he came up to the bar to see if he could get a drink.

"A beer if you would please." he asked, quite pleasantly.

As the Vulcan behind the bar walked toward the replicator, Doctor Iblis noticed the new Doctor that had joined them shortly before they set out on this little adventure. He thought back and realized that in all the hubbub that had been surrounding them, he didn't actually introduce himself to the new officer yet. Tugging on his uniform, he quickly downed the drink he had been given and pushed it aside with his razor clawed hands.

The massive, turtle like alien came up to Doctor Marner as the Vulcan passed him his drink, "Watch out for the Romulan beer."

"Dr. Iblis I presume?" Marner said, paying for the drink and said, "Thank you" to the Vulcan. He turned his attention back to the CMO, "I take it has quite the effect on a person?"

"Not too dissimilar to Romulan Ale actually," the massive alien doctor answered. He drank his own, "It creates and almost instant 'buzz' as Humans call it in some species." He set his own glass back on the bar, "How are you settling in? It's only been a few days hasn't it?"

"Yes, been a few days but I am liking things as the days progress." He gestured to the surroundings, "nice little town don't you think?" giving a small smile before taking a drink of the beer. "If there is a table nearby or room, at the table, I'd like to meet the others." nodding towards the table where the others were seated. " I've not had the chance of speaking with them as of yet, and maybe a good time right now before they feel they have to run away from another doctor." cracking a smile at his try at a joke.

"Shall we?" Cyrus now moving towards that area. and taking a seat at the next table which had just been vacated, he raised his beer towards the others gathered, "Greetings, nice day for a gathering." he drawled out in his Georgian accent, and a twinkle in his eyes along with a smile.

Thumping his chest to ease his discomfort after accidentally inhaling his drink, Lieutenant Blake gave the Doctor's a quick wave and sheepish smile. The last thing he needed some more attention as already he was drawing unwanted eyes.

Cyrus just nodded, not making any comment until Lieutenant Blake regained his composure, taking a drink of his beer, which he found rather potent. He almost choking on his own drink, croaking out "smooth" once it went down his throat. When his voice cleared he remarked, "Doctor Iblis spoke the truth this packs a punch!"

"One thing Romulans are well known for," the giant turtle said as he sat at the table. "Since they joined with the Vulcans a lot has changed on this planet." He noticed that he'd drawn the attention of a Romulan soldier sitting at another table. He thought about waving politely at the gentleman, but could tell from the scowl on his face that would probably not be a good decision. Instead he focused on his shipmates, "But maybe this isn't the appropriate venue for such a discussion."

Marner taking a smaller sip of his beer looked in the direction of the Romulan soldier and then turned his attention back to the others. Placing his beer down, he gave a nod. "I certainly do agree." the smaller sip certainly being better than his previous one. "What are your plans here? Has anyone visited here before? And one other question, do they have any sort of fishing area here?"

Ilbis did his nearest approximation of a laugh, "I was here once or twice back when this place was still Vulcan. Now that it's Ni'Var," he looked around at the growth of Romulans nearby, "well it hasn't been the friendliest of places for us to visit. I did have a friend who told me once about fishing for a fish... I can't remember its name... but it is bioluminescent and lives in the Voroth Sea."

"Oh that would be something to see." Cyrus replied. "If I can't go fishing, I'll have to either read or draw something." giving a smile. And I've got a good book to read."

"Or maybe you could go back to where you came from?" A voice said from not far away from their table.

The Chelon Doctor looked to the side and saw a tall, fair skinned Romulan with a complex tattoo adorning his ridges. It was Romulan tradition that when a loved one died, those who suffered a loss would paint their grief upon their skin. In time, the paint would fade and with it, the period of mourning. Like so many others from the destruction of Romulus, however, this Romulan had burned the tattoos deep so that they would never fade away. Or it could have also been because he was a Northerner due to the ridges.

"We are here as guests of the Vulcan government," Ilkun answered.

Finally over his accidental inhalation Blake looked around nervously as the mood began to shift. He glanced at the senior staff opting to follow their lead and wisely withheld his voice. Unfortunately his body decided it as appropriate time to begin a loud bout of hiccups. Wide eyed with horror as a heavy silence fell upon them one racked his body and escape forcefully from his lips, ashamed he clamped a hand over his mouth to dampen the noise.

Hawkins twisted in his seat to see whom it was addressing them in an aggressive manner and gave Blake a odd glance in the process.

"Now just hold on there, not here to cause any trouble." Cyrus remarked in a congenial manner. "just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere here and get a good drink." indicating his beer which was almost gone.

Chire rubbed Dylan's back with her wing but she was looking at the situation around her and . . . Oh no, the bartender must have given her the wrong drink!

"There is no Vulcan government any more," a second Romulan interrupted. This Romulan was smooth headed, almost Vulcan-esque, but the tattoo gave away the Romulan heritage. "They are part of the Romulan Empire, reclaimed their birthright, and you are trespassers here."

"Go back to your ship!" Members of the crowd could be heard chanting.

"Perhaps we should call it a night," Hawkins said softly to his crew, this could quickly descend into further unpleasantries.

Blake nodded and quickly gulped down the remainder of his drink hoping it would cure his hiccups. Sadly it didn't.

"Agreed." Cyrus replied softly, and looking at Blake "Cure for that hiccup, press here." pointing at the groove between the upper lip and the nose. "Hold it for 30 seconds will help them stop." deciding not to finish his Romulan beer.

"Thanks," the Lieutenant nodded before gripping the spot indicated.

Unfortunately Chire was already under the influence of the alcohol she hadn't ordered and stood up abruptly. "Apologize to my mate!" She squawked.

Cyrus looked up at Chire, didn't know whom she was speaking to and he was getting a feeling of foreboding, "Um excuse me?"

"Oh no," Dylan groaned realizing what was happening to Chire. Alcohol made her go very loopy, the last time he'd seen this she'd tried to fly laps around the ships lounge until he'd been able to haul her back down. This really wasn't the place to cause a scene - the Admiral would skin them for sure. "It's OK," he assured the others as they were startled by her sudden urge to stand. "She just doesn't have a stomach for booze. Come on Chire let's go," he tugged her arm gently hoping to steer her to the door before anything happened.

"No! THEY are being rude and yelling at you. They need to be taught a lesson!" Her wings snapped open from her back and began to flap to get lift. At the same time she pushed Dylan down behind her.

"Oh no, please no," Dylan muttered lowly resisting her attempts to push him down out of harms way. "Chire!" he called twisting around to restrain her: "There's no need, let's stop this before you end up hurting yourself!"

Lieutenant Ilkun nodded, "Maybe we should return to the ship. We don't want to disturb the natives. We don't want any trouble."

"Yes! Run away! Go back where you belong," the Romulan soldier placed a hand on the grip of his disruptor.

Hawkins cringed slightly at Ilkun's choice of words and Chire's swift change in personality. His gaze also fell upon the poised hand of their Romulan company: "Come on," he called softly to the table. "Let's go," he stood.

Cyrus rose to his feet as well, really paying attention to the surroundings as he heard the other customers start getting even more irritated. His hand was close to the half full mug of his beer just in case he needed to utilize it to blind someone momentarily.

"They need to be taught a lesson!" Chire yelled, trying to move out from the table.

"Hush, Chire!" Dylan snapped fearful this situation was going to spiral downwards in a flash. "I'm sorry," he called out trying to smooth things over while tugging to keep her from flying around the bar: "My friend here doesn't take alcohol well, she doesn't know what she's saying."

Doctor Ilkun could feel it falling apart. The Romulans were growing more and more irate and the battle was coming. He could feel something primordial, something deep inside him stirring. He ran his razor sharp claws along one another, feeling himself gearing up for a battle. More than a few Romulans had their disruptors on their hips and were preparing to use them. He knew that the Romulan disruptors didn't have a stun setting so this could go really bad and really fast.

"We don't want any trouble," he tried to disarm the situation, "We're leaving. Now."

The hairs upon Hawkins neck standing upon end in warning. Their friendly drink hadn't gone to plan at all, they'd found themselves caught up in a centuries old distrust and if they weren't careful they'd become the newest victims. "Hawkins to Galatea," he tapped his com badge while his gaze monitored the room as the group attempted to leave. "Keep a transport lock on us."

"The planet has been outfitted with a Romulan Security Net, a planetary defense system consisting of a network of drones that form a planetary shield," Galatea explained through the communications grid. "A transit window opens randomly every 30 minutes, but until then I cannot penetrate their defense network."

"Figures," Nathan replied under his breathe having forgotten about the advance set up in orbit. "Tag us for the next window just in case."

Chire was practically panting. "No, I must say something! How dare they insult you, us!!" Her wings flapped harder though she hadn't lifted off yet, air was blowing everyone's hair around.

"We have thick skin," Dylan assured Chire wrapping his arms fully around Chire's torso to act like an anchor. "It's not required, honest, we'll just be on our way."

"You would never be able to tell but I was once a member of the Romulan Senate. Your leaders - the exalted ones of your past - came to our world and promised our safety. You assured so many that they would live. Then just as quickly as you came you fled to leave us on our own because of your own mistakes of the past." He pointed to the tattoo on his forehead, "This... this is all that is left of my family. All that is left after your kind murdered them."

Hawkins locked his jaw having placed himself between the stern Romulan and his crew as he gestured to tattoo. The air, though being tossed around by Chire's flapping was charged with nervous and angry energy. If something was about to explode the Commander would strive to protect the others.

The Romulan Guard stood his ground, hand resting atop his disruptor, "The Federation, its agents, all of you have held back the Vulcans and Romulans from reunifying. We are one race, one world, and we will take our place among the stars again once we rid ourselves of the darkness you all dwell in. Now go back to that floating trash heap you have in orbit while I'm still feeling generous."

"I thank you for your generosity, sir. Now if I can get my friend here to calm down, we'll be out of your fine establishment." Cyrus replied, deeming it best not to grab the beer at the moment.

Nodding slightly at the Guard, respecting his history and grateful he'd allowed them to leave without further incident Hawkins retreated hoping they could convince Chire to leave peacefully.

Cyrus looked over towards Chire who definitely seemed rather irate, feeling his hair move with the flapping of her wings. He moved around to where she was at, in some aspect of being a barrier between her and the Romulans and said, "Look... if you do not want anything to happen to your love, get him out of here. And maybe, you wait until we're outside to use your wings? Using them in an enclosed area isn't good tactics'll get hurt as well. Would he like you to do that?" his voice calm and soothing.

But as much as her brain wanted to respond to what he was saying, it was as if she couldn't hear him. Her instincts were only to continue down the path she'd already decided to take. She lifted off and began to move forward.

"Chire. Stop. Please," Dylan panted with his arms still locked around her torso was being dragged across the floor as she moved forward. He felt helpless, a passenger as she trod a path to destruction - clearly whatever she'd drunk had been stronger than the previous incident at least then he'd been able to hold her down.

Then it was all over but the shouting. It happened so fast that it was hard for anyone to comprehend what was going on around them. As they tried to stop Chire, the Romulan Guard lifted his disruptor toward the Starfleet Officer. Holding the weapon steady, he disengaged the safety with his thumb and held his finger over the trigger. A second later he pulled the trigger, sending an emerald green beam forward toward his target.

Only to miss and hit another. Petty Officer Iger, a Ferengi Security Guard, had leapt between them. The beam slammed into his chest with the force of a thousand suns exploding. He had started as a complete being and nothing ever returned to the ground. The remains of his body withered and died as they fell to the ground in agony, Romulan weapons not having stun settings.

The Vulcan restaurant, a place of peace and tranquility for so long, erupted into a melee.

"Oh sh -!" Dylan swore as Iger threw himself in front of the shot destined to strike him and Chire. He hadn't even seen whom had fired, but it didn't really matter they were in deep trouble. Fruitlessly he tugged harder on Chire's feathers to try and stop her walking into deaths waiting arms in the shape of disruptor.

The loss of the security officer angered Marner, but there was someone else that needed to be contained and that was Chire. Seeing Dylan being dragged into more trouble, both of the crew needed to get out of the situation and fast. Now whether his stunt was going to work, Marner wasn't sure but, he ran and leaped to perhaps jump on Chire's back and bring her back to the ground. If it worked fine, if it didn't he'd find himself on the floor.

Not expecting it, it did make her fall. Both of their combined weights were too much for her wings. They gave way bringing them all crashing to the ground. Chire struck her head against the hard surface and seemed dazed, remaining where she was on the floor with the other two nearly on top of her.

Instinctively Hawkins ducked upon hearing the sound of the discharging weapon. Twisting he watched in horror as Iger perished having blocked the intended target: Chire and Blake. His gazed panned back to trace the source and felt bitterly disappointed to see it had been the tattooed Romulan Guard he'd been speaking to just a moment ago. His disruptor pistol was poised for another shot as Marner joined in the effort to subdue the hysterical Chire and in commotion that now ensued since the first shot it wasn't likely they'd seen him.

Nathan sprung into action - right at the Romulan Guard and gripped his weapon forcing him off target.

The Romulan Guard lost his grip on his disruptor and it skittered across the floor. He countered quickly, pushing himself forward to continue his fight with his bare hands. In the midst of it all Doctor Ilkun extended his arm and slapped the Romulan square in the chest, knocking him back.

"Chire," Dylan wiggled himself to her head which had struck the fall when Marner had helped pull her down. Obvious to the scuffle around them the Lieutenant gentle stroked her feathery head: "Are you OK?" he asked.

Her breathing had quickened. Her head was pounding and she was very confused. "I don't know, What happened?" She asked as she moved and shifted, trying to sit up as she tucked her wings in.

"At a guess I'd say there was something in your drink," Dylan explained helping her sit upright.

"Oh no, what did I do?" Chire whispered in horror. Something in her drink meant she'd just made a fool of herself in front of everyone here and possibly even injured someone.

Something, possibly a bar stool whistled past over head causing them all to flinch: "Come lets get back to the ship!" Dylan called.

Chire followed him this time without argument or comment. She was light headed but her legs still worked, she could make it out.

Marner moved to a kneeling position, and ducked when a stool went over their heads. "I am all for leaving." rising slowly from his position.

Ilkun watched as more Romulans came into view with their weapons pulled. Among them were also Vulcan police officers, "Perhaps we should leave this establishment now?"

Lightly touching his stinging bottom lip having been dealt a jarring blow from the Romulan Guard attempting to keep him from retrieving his weapon Commander Hawkins acknowledge the new arrivals: "I couldn't agree more. Come on," he waved to the others.

The police descended quickly upon the Starfleet Officers who had gathered there. The team was small, but they were armed with disruptors had had already been brought to the ready. The leader of the team, a fair skinned Vulcan woman with flowing hair that shaped her shoulders, kept her appearance impassive as she surveyed the Federation personnel. Her partner was far from as reserved. A bald, dark-skinned Romulan had his weapon drawn and pointed directly at them. Around the room additional officers came in, more than it seemed should be there.

"I am Officer T'Han of the V'Shar," she introduced herself while carefully holding in check her words. "Please be advised that you have been placed under arrest for assault upon citizens of the Romulan Star Empire and Confederacy of Vulcan. As visitors to our world you are subject to our laws and rights as suspects to remain silent and consult an Arbitrator prior to offering testimony. Please come with us."

Chire looked at Dylan. She was frightened, not for herself but for Dylan who hadn't deserved this. She could not imagine he had been fighting but from the way her body felt, she certainly had.

Cyrus thought they would be able to get back to the ship but.. it looked like they were going someplace else. He raised his hands in a sign of cooperation. "Yes ma'am." was all that he stated.

"Officer," Lieutenant Blake stopped closer: "There's been a misunderstanding," he began rather bodily despite the heavy presence of weaponry. "We were the ones whom were assaulted and reacted in self defence. That man -" he pointed to the tattooed Romulan Guard. "Shot and killed one of our crew he's the one you should be arresting!"

"Blake," barked Hawkins sharply. "That's enough."

Dylan spun: "But sir!" he challenged.

"I said enough," the Commander repeated sternly. "Do as Officer T'Han says." The consequences of these events would send the Targaryen's into a fit a rage there was no need to add more wood to the fire making things worse.

Dylan opened his mouth wordlessly trying to decide his next move. Finally with a noise of frustration he retreated away back to Chire and Marner whom had seemed to accept this wrong decision without argument.

Inwardly Chire was the lowest she had ever felt, she hung her head and knew that somehow this must be all her fault.

Officer T'Han nodded to her officers as they proceeded with restraints for the Starfleet Officers. The lead officer slid her disruptor pistol back into its holster as the others fastened their handcuffs. She watched them hawkishly, waiting for something to happen. There was something atypical about her reaction though - especially for a Vulcan. She seemed to be distracted or ill at ease. The exact reasons for such were unknown, but there was definitely something amiss.

Ilkun felt them remove the communicator badge from his chest and it almost made him feel less than he was. The razor beaked Chelon stared at the Romulan that removed it as the alien stared at the delta, "You are a Lieutenant?"

"I am," the Lieutenant answered, "And a Doctor."

"Well Doctor I'd advise you not to forget to scrub where you're going," the Romulan laughed as he fastened the restraints.

"That's enough of that," another Vulcan said to the Romulan that was accosting the Doctor. "We need to get them arraigned. More police are coming and the more that are here the harder this will be."

T'Han agreed, "Let's proceed. If you will come with us."

Cyrus didn't make a fuss when they put the restraints on him, was watching though the actions of the ones who were taking them into custody. It was peculiar. He did say to Dylan quietly, "It is better to choose life, than to tangle with those who have us out gunned. Would hate to lose another person."

"We should have stayed on the ship, then none of this would have happened." Dylan replied lowly still angry they were treating in such manner while tugging at his restraints. "Are these really necessary?" he asked loud enough to be heard by the officers.

"Its a matter of choosing what battle to fight. Right now, we still have to deal with our lovely pieces of jewellery the matching bracelets we are now enjoying." Cyrus quipped. " Its never good to let your head go all aflame."

"Yeah, well," Dylan replied hotly unable to quash his dissatisfaction. "Regardless this is wrong and won't bring Iger back."

"Dylan," Chire said softly. Her head was still hung low. "This is all my fault."

Her defeated tone sounded far worse than any dressing down Hawkins was properly planning and knocked out the fight from his system. "No, don't say that," Dylan moved closer gently patting her feathers. "This isn't your fault," he tried to assure her. "It's the uniform, we're a symbol that stained the history of the locals. We had targets painted on our back even before we left the ship."

Hawkins scowled as they removed his com badge and affix restraints around his wrists but remained quiet observing as the officer rounded his crew together. They were certainly in a hurry and a touch jumpy which begun to sound bells in his brain. However with their collection of disruptors trained upon them there was nothing he or the crew could do expect comply.

"This way," the Romulan motioned with the disruptor leading them out of the bar.


T'Lisha was going to go for a walk on the station but, the hostile feelings she was getting, sent red flags screaming in her head. Quickly turning around, she headed for a transporter pad and beamed to the planet.

Materializing on the planet, a wave of tranquility came over her. All the stress and uneasiness just left her making her feel light and at peace. It was like becoming one with the planet. She started to walk down the wooded path and disappeared into the forest.

Their communicators began to chirp rapidly as a series of alarms went off inside of them. On the other end the voice of Galatea overtook the devices, "All Starfleet personnel this is Galatea. Due to an emergency shore leave has been cancelled effective immediately. Please be prepared to be brought back aboard the ship."

[On Ni'Var]

Patton smiled over at Zoey as they walked along. Once they were given shore leave they had both been ready to head down and take a much needed break, away from the ship and all that had happened.

"What do you want to do first?" Patton asked her. "Explore, shop or find something to eat?" He was up for just about anything. It just felt good to be here with her.

Zoey could feel the heat, pearcing her clothing as she looked around the area. Despite the place being hot, in its own way, Ni'Var was a beautiful place. Zoeyy felt silly for asking, but she needed too. "Why are we taking shore leave on this planet again?" Zoey asked, knowing it was not her idea to head down to the planet.

“Evidently it was felt we needed a break,” Patton smiled at her. “Would you have fathered stay in our quarters?”

"Fathered?" Zoey said, with a teasing grin on her face. What did that even mean, she wondered as she continued to follow him around.

Their communicators began to chirp rapidly as a series of alarms went off inside of them. On the other end the voice of Galatea overtook the devices, "All Starfleet personnel this is Galatea. Due to an emergency shore leave has been cancelled effective immediately. Please be prepared to be brought back aboard the ship."

"Commander O'Sullivan and Lieutenant Parker ready to come aboard." Patton replied immediately. He looked over to Zoey. "That doesn't sound good."

"Let's hope for the best." Zoey said, with a nervous grin on her face. As she returned Patton's look of concern. The two of them prepared to beam backed to the ship.

Lily Snow had beamed down to the planet surface. She went out into the town and started to make note with the various looks she was receiving. She stepped over to a vendor, who was a Romulan. She proceeded to strike up a conversation, in Romulan, about the Romulan silks that they where selling. She was waiting for Bishop to arrived from the ship. He had sent her down first.

There was the sound of a Federation transporter and an instant later Bishop was standing there. Shielding his eyes he Looked around and quickly spotted Lily and moved to her side. "Already doing some shopping I see." He grinned at her. "Have you found any you like?"

"Just some Romulan silk." Lily answered as she hand something to the shop keeper, who looked completely surprised. "Did you want something?" She asked looking at Bishop. The light of the Vulcan sun made her Turquoise eyes an unusual color of blue.

Bishop smiled at her, "Are you going to think I'm being mushy when I say I have what I want." He reached a hand up and softly caressed her cheek. "Your eyes look even more amazing in this light."

Lily started to blush at Bishop's commit and open display of affection towards her. "T... t... thank you Nathan. I'm still not use to such compliments or this open display." She said reaching up and taking his hand that was still caressing her face. Then she smiled and leaned her cheek into his warm hand. There was something about this open display of affection that felt freeing.

"I suggest you get use to them Lily because I plan to keep giving them." Bishop replied as they stood there together basking in the Vulcan sun, "Where would you like to go next?" He asked.

"How about something to eat." Lily asked as she noticed several of the crew looking at them, before moving one. "Well it seems our secret relationship will be out soon enough. Scuttlebutt to going to go over time." She sighed heavily.

"An excellent idea." Bishop agreed. "Does it bother you that others know?" He asked. "It doesn't bother me. We don't have anything to be ashamed of, we're adults." He took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You are right about the scuttlebutt though." He chuckled at the thought of their relationship making the rounds of the ship.

"It..." Lily sighed heavily. "It doesn't bother me parsay. I'm just a private person." She said still blushing at holding Nathan's hand. "So shall we find a place that will allow us to attend their business?"

"Believe it or not so am I except to the person I love however I will do a better job of controlling my signs of affection when we are out in public." Bishop replied. "I have no desire to make you uncomfortable Lily."

Lily turned a bright red at Nathan's statement about love. "No it is alright. As we will be going out together, I should start to get use to it." She said with a bright smile. "Besides I... umm.. I like this." She stated as she returned a light squeeze to Nathan's hand.

"I'm sorry Lily. I didn't mean to embarrass you." Bishop replied apologetically. "I'll keep any future admissions private." He said with a grin.: He gave her hand an answering squeeze. "Now lets go find a place that will allow us to eat without causing a stink over it."

"I wasn't embarrassed, I was surprised at your declaration." Lily said as they walked down the street, hand-in-hand. "I know that we haven't know each other in a romantic sense for long, but I do know that I have feelings for you." She gave a odd smile. "And I also, know it isn't my bloody biological clock chiming worse then Big Ben out of tune." She stated in her rich British accent.

Bishop's grin wider, "Why Lily, that's wonderful. As I said before, I have feelings for you as well and I know they have nothing to do with you and some bloody biological clock." He teased her gently.

She humped at the teasing. "This is something unnerving about how being open like this." Lily said looking at the various store fronts. Then she just stopped dead in her tracks as she got a haunted and deep in thought look on her face.

Bishop chuckled at Lily's reaction. "Well get unnerved quickly because it's unlikely to change." He stopped walking when she did. He saw the look on her face and instantly grew concerned. "Lily? Lily, what is it?"

She smiled slightly at the man. "I was making a decision, Nathan." She admitted to the man. "I'll tell you when we are back on the ship and within my quarters. So please don't pester me about it right now. Lets enjoy our.... um.... date."

"I didn't realize asking if you were alright was classified as pestering Lily." Bishop answered slightly offended by her answer. "But have it your way." He told her.

"Nathan I'm sorry if that sound a bit off color or cold." Lily stated feeling bad about the misunderstand. "Asking if I was alright was fine, I didn't mind it at all. I was just asking that you don't ask me about the decision that I just made." Then she looked a bit confused at Bishop. "Would this be considered an argument or a fight?"

Bishop listened as Lily explained her previous statement. "I wouldn't classify it as either a fight or argument Lily just a misunderstanding." Bishop replied. "And I certainly can't ask you a about a decision you've made that you haven't told me about yet. So all I can do is wait until we get back to the ship."

Lily signed heavily. "Oh." She said. "Yes, not until the ship." She said a bit off. "So you have an idea on what you want to eat?" She asked as she rested her head against Nathan's arm.

Bishop wrapped an arm around her as Lily rested her head against his arm. He gave her a gentle squeeze. "I have absolutely no idea Lily. Probably a Vulcan café or restaurant. What do you prefer?"

"I prefer food I make myself, but this is shore leave and we should enjoy it." Lily stated, really enjoying the attention. "How about that little restaurant right there?" She finally said point out the small hole in the wall place.

"Indeed we should. Who knows when we'll get the chance again." Bishop replied/ "Also for the record, if I could cook like you do Lily, I'd prefer my own cooking as well." He looked at where she was pointing. It really was a hole in the wall café. "Alright, lets give it a go and see what they have to offer."

Lily chuckled. "Well I guess it is good that I enjoy cooking." She said leading the way to the Vulcan restaurant. "Can you speak Vulcan or Romulan?" She asked as they entered the restaurant.

"It certainly is." Bishop agreed with a smile. "And to your question, yes I can. However I'm hoping the Vulcan's speak Federation standard as it's been awhile since I've used either Vulcan or Romulan." He admitted.

"It will come back to you." Lily said. "I found that you get better prices and treatment if you use the native language." She added. "Besides it most likely been a while sense they have used Federation Standard themselves."

"I hope your right Lily. I don't want to make a fool out of myself by butchering the language." Bishop replied as the pair proceeded to enter the small café.

Lily chuckled at the man. "No worries, I'm fluent in 6 dialects of Romulan and in Vulcan." She said with a smile. "So if you need me to, I can order the food." She grinned up at Nathan.

Bishop nodded his head gratefully. "I think that may be the best and safest way to go Lily. I don't want to inadvertently offended anyone. Especially when we're on shore leave and suppose to be enjoying ourselves."

Lily chuckled at Nathan's statement. "I did make sure to brush up on my languages before we got here." She said heading for a table.

'Well, aren't you the smart one." Bishop bantered with Lily before adding. " However that was good thinking on your part Lily."

"I always think ahead on things." Lily stated. "Now what kind of salad do you want?"

"To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I want a salad Lily. I want to look at a menu first." Bishop answered as he pulled the chair out for Lily to sit down.

"You do know that Vulcans are primarily vegetarians?" Lily said as she took the offered seat. "And you are such a gentleman."

"Yes Lily, I know. However I can have a seafood plate. Vulcans have jumbo shrimp that are quite tasty." Bishop answered before continuing "And as far as being a gentleman, I thank you but it's easy when I'm with a lady such as yourself."

Lily only blushed at Nathan's compliment. "That sound very good, too." She stated with a grin.

"I'm glad you agree Lily." Bishop answered with a smile. "Does that mean you are going to get a plate of the same? Or are you going to hold out and get a salad?"

"I will get a plate of the same, but also a salad." Lily stated, only wanting to be difficult. "I should pick up some of the very hard to get Vulcan spices, while I'm here."

Bishop chuckled at her reply and was about to order when their communicators chirpped.

Their communicators began to chirp rapidly as a series of alarms went off inside of them. On the other end the voice of Galatea overtook the devices, "All Starfleet personnel this is Galatea. Due to an emergency shore leave has been cancelled effective immediately. Please be prepared to be brought back aboard the ship."

Lily sighed as she stood. "So much for a quiet and romantic meal." She said right before she hit her combadge. "Understood and standing by."

Bishop nodded and replied, "We can try again on the ship." As he tapped his combadge, "Beam Commander Snow and myself aboard Galatea."


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