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From Sea to Shining Sea

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 11:37pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Administrator Weyoun 12

Mission: Exodus
Location: Founder Homeworld
Timeline: 2430-01-10, 16:50

The brilliant light of the red star shone brightly atop the small rock jutting out of the shimmering sea. The sounds of crashing waves, animals, life of any kind was absent from the scene as the away team from the Starship Enterprise appeared atop the outcropping of stone. There was no smell, no sound, just light reflecting off of the sea.

"Admiral," Weyoun announced, "allow me to welcome you to Emperssa. Home of the Founders of the Dominion."

The Commander of the Enterprise looked out at the sight around him, impressed and hard pressed not to show it. "Nice to be here finally."

"I will admit I had my doubts," the smug Vorta answered. "So few have been to this world, fewer still on the surface where we stand today. I have only been here a handful of times, including those who came before me. This is a rare honor."

"And I am just as humble to be here," he thought about the words that had been said. So few people had been to this world through the ages. The last Dominion Homeworld before this was attacked by a combined Cardassian and Romulan invasion force. This one had been kept secret - thus explaining the security - but had been a tempting target during the war and even after for a time. Despite their knowledge of the location, several members of the crew of the former Deep Space Nine had erased the records of its location out of fear of what would come. 31 had suspected its location for a time, but never confirmed it.

In the distance the ocean of Founders began to undulate and roil in an unnatural fashion. Two globs of goo rose from the rest and began to take on the form of humanoids. Both were people well known to history. The first had a distinctly feminine form as she walked toward them, a beautifully simple orange dress draped over her shoulders as she approached. William recognized her as being the Founder that was responsible for the invasion of the Alpha Quadrant in the 24th Century. Beside her was another Founder needing no introduction. Odo, the Changeling who served on Deep Space Nine during both the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor and later the period before Bajor joined the Federation, appeared wearing a tunic similar to the uniforms of the old Bajoran militia.

"Founders," Weyoun entered into a respective bow, "You honor us with your presence."

"My loyal Weyoun," the Female Changeling answered. She looked toward the Admiral, "I am pleased to see meet you, Admiral Teagarden, although I was expecting to meet with your President Gruzy."

"Unfortunately our President was detained with other matters. I have been sent as his representative at the request of his administration," William answered.

"With only half of your vessel," Odo observed.

William nodded, "Another unfortunate matter. It was the only way to ensure both of our missions could occur." He didn't want to get too in depth. "I am honored to be here."

"As you should be," the Female Changeling answered. "We have had few Federation officials visit us. As Weyoun indicated we are extending to you an offer of alliance with no conditions."

"Except for the exclusion of the other Alpha Quadrant powers," the Admiral commented knowing that it had been a point of contention for many.

Odo looked surprised, "I didn't expect you to preclude them."

"We didn't," William answered, "you did, Odo."

The Founder looked at Weyoun, "Do you care to explain this?"

"The Klingon and Romulan governments are so fragile, so at risk. It is better for us all to have a stronger peace with the Federation than the others as their instability could affect the Dominion itself," the Vorta tried to justify his orders.

"Those were not my instructions," Odo answered with a hrumph. "I spoke with you on the eve of the peace conference and commanded that there were to be no exclusions and all worlds of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance could be involved. Why did you ignore these orders?"

Weyoun continued, "The Alpha Quadrant Alliance no longer exists, Founder. To seek peace with an unstable element would threaten the safety of the Dominion. I could not allow..."

"You could not allow what?" The Female Changeling asked bitterly. "You could not allow the will of the Great Link to be followed? Odo is a member of the Link and believes that the Federation is trustworthy," she looked at the Admiral as she said it before looking to Odo, "He believes the Klingons and Romulans to be valued partners of our efforts. You should not have ignored his orders."

Weyoun looked defeated, "I only tried to act in the best interest of the Dominion."

"Which was challenged by your dereliction," Odo interrupted.

The Female Changeling continued, "We will deal with your treachery later. Please return to the orbiting outpost while we meet with Admiral Teagarden."

Weyoun nodded and bowed, "As you command."

Within seconds Weyoun was enveloped in a transporter beam and gone. Admiral Teagarden looked at the space he had occupied only seconds prior and wondered what his fate would be. Perhaps the galaxy would be dealing with Weyoun 13? He hoped not. Despite everything, Weyoun had made efforts to do what he felt was best. Now he had to do what he felt was best, "Founders, where do we go from here?"

Odo and the Female Changeling looked at one another then the Admiral. Odo answered, "We would like to travel to Earth to formally sign a treaty with all governments of the Alpha Quadrant as you propose. Then we agree to share technology and personnel with the Federation, in exchange for assistance with the threat of the Kam'Jahtae."

"Do you agree?" The Female asked for an answer, the first time he had heard her hopeful.

"No," the Admiral answered, "But I am willing to escort you to Earth to meet with the Federation President and Council where you can extend the offer to them."

The Founders both looked at one another, "We agree to your terms."

Teagarden cocked his head, "So your ship or mine?"


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