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The Starry Night

Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 4:39am by Admiral Willian Targaryen

Mission: Genesis
Location: Admiral's Quarters, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2430-01-05, 22:00

"Where's Mama?"

Admiral William Teagarden looked away from his desktop computer to see his son, Zoroh, standing at the corner with wide eyes. "She's out exercising, Little One," William answered from his seat. "I thought you were sleeping?"

"Can't sleep. Too quiet," he answered as he walked around the desk. "What you doin?"

"Just catching up on some work," the Admiral replied. "Daddy has a busy job and I have a lot of responsibilities."

"You and Mama have too many 'sponsibilities. Always busy," the child challenged.

William smiled, "I see your point." He pecked the control, "Why don't we go back up to bed?"

"Can't. Want Mama," Zoroh protested running toward the couch and jumping upon it at full speed.

"Bunal will miss you if you don't head up to bed soon," William said sitting down next to his son.

He covered himself, "No. Want Mama."

"How about we go up and lay in bed and wait for Mama together?" the Admiral countered. "She'll be back soon."

"Kay," he relented. "Carry!"

The elder smiled, "Alright little one. Let's go," he picked up his son and walked toward the stairwell to the upper level. He reached for the keypad for the lights when his son interrupted his thoughts.

"What that?"

William instantly looked around, "What pal?"

He pointed to the painting, "That?"

"The painting?" William confirmed.


"That's a painting called Starry Night," the father explained. "It's a favorite of mine by an artist from Earth named Van Gogh."

Zoroh looked at the painting, "Why have it?"

William smiled, "When the man who made it created it he was sick. All of it was from his memories of home. It has always reminded me of the importance of remembering where I come from and that I can overcome that which challenges me."

"It's pretty. Like Mama."

"That it is," he answered looking at it. "Now, let's get up to bed."


William walked with his son to the bedroom happy to have a moment like this with his son, rarely seeing him because of his mission. As his son rested his head on his shoulder he wondered what the future would hold for all of them, but knew he always would have someone to return home to.


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