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Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 3:53am by Fleet Admiral Luzol Targaryen & Admiral Willian Targaryen & Captain Nathan Bishop & Captain Ryan Walsh & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Ash Randall & Lieutenant Commander T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD & Lieutenant Dylan Blake & Lieutenant Zoey Parker & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes

Mission: Cheese
Location: Starfleet One
Timeline: 2430-08-30, 15:15

Admiral Luzol sat on the Bridge of Starfleet One clutching the armrests of her chair. The Starfleet Commander stared at the viewscreen as the traditional image of space appeared before her. She couldn't help but let out a relieved sigh at the sight of a calm, serene starfield emerging on the viewer. An overwhelming feeling of warmth overtook her as she was happy that they had weathered the storm.

"I never thought I'd be so happy to see space again," she commented reassuringly. Her stomach was slightly upset from the ordeal that they had experienced, but it wasn't anything that she couldn't handle. She was more than overjoyed that the ship was still in one piece. She had almost expected this to end with the bridge nearly destroyed, consoles blinking in and out, and half the metal laying on the floor around her.

Standing at the railing behind the Captain's Chair, Admiral Willian Targaryen looked at the display screen concerned. The ship had managed to escape the wormhole that had engulfed them, but there was no way of knowing right now just how far they were away from Ni'Var and their objective. There was also no way to know if they were even in the same timeframe as the wormhole effect could dilate time. It was possible that Greg had already broken through the Federation/Romulan border and the entire galaxy was at war with one another.

"Damage report," Luzol asked as she rose from her chair and approached the viewscreen.

Relieved to still be breathing Hawkins consulted his station: "Hull breach on deck twelve," he began. "Emergency barriers are holding, stress fractures in the hull plating on decks eleven through to sixteen and warp drive is offline."

"Get in contact with Commander Ash and begin work on repairing the ship." The Deltan/El-Aurian hybrid sighed as she looked at the Helm, "Commander, work with Commander Snow. I want you to figure out exactly where we are and how long it will take to get to Vulcan."

"Yes, ma'am," Nathan acknowledged the order keyed the comm to contact Ash.

T'Lisha was glad the sleigh ride was over as it became easier to control SF1. "Helm is beginning to respond better, now that we are out", she said relieved.

Commander Randall responded, sounding a bit rushed. "Ash here, Commander. We're doing a hot start of the warp core so we should have warp in 10 minutes. Coaxial won't be available for up to 48 hours. Shut down wasn't graceful so the trylithium matrix is compromised and will need to be remanufactured to remove impurities. Priority repairs have been queued and are being worked by what personnel are aboard. Once we have more personnel back on board, repair crews will be deployed in force." The Chief Engineer reported.

"Thanks Ash, we're begin retrieving the scattered pods shortly," Hawkins replied. "Good job with the core."

"I'll pass the kudo's on, Commander. Thank You. Ash out." She responded.

"Yes sir." Snow said as she begun to reconfigure several of the scientific instruments.

Willian had walked over to the Tactical workstations where his Chief of Security sat working, "What's the status of the crew, Patton?"

“Most are in escape pods hovering outside of the ship, Sir,” Patton reported. “All are safe.”

"We're going to need to start bringing the escape pods back aboard," Willian acknowledged. "Can you work on that with Captain Bishop for me?"

“Yes, Sir,” O’Sullivan replied. He turned to Bishop. “I am ready when our are, Captain.”

Bishop nodded to O'Sullivan from the XO's chair. "Ready when you are Mr. O'Sullivan. Lets begin with bringing the starboard pods in first and unloaded then we can move to port side. That's if you have no objections." He said with a grin.

Patton smiled in return. “My thoughts exactly.” He replied from his station. “We can bring them back from a couple stations, I recommend as quickly and safely as possible.”

"Just let me know where you want me to park to pickup the pods Capt. Bishop," T'Lisha said grinning.

"Decisions, decisions." Bishop bantered back, "Thanks for allowing me to decide Commander. Put us in the middle of the pods, It will make it even easier to get them all recovered and back on board."

"Could you look at with pod 14-A?" Hawkins asked. "It failed to jettison, sensors indicate its occupied."

Patton smiled at Bishop's reply. He nodded in agreement to his orders. He went to work and brought up the mentioned pod. "There are two on board." He looked from Hawkins to Bishop. "Would you like me to scan for signature identification?"

"Yes, Mr. O'Sullivan if you don't mind.. Lets see who's in the troublesome pod." Bishop replied as he was mildly curious to know the identitys of the trapped crew members.

Patton went to work quickly. A few moments later he looked up. "Captain Walsh and High Commissioner Haynes are on board the pod, Sir." He would bet big bucks Jasmine was pissed off right now, she hated to have to be rescued or need help.

Willian had overheard the discussion, "Really? I'm certain that pod's the most fun place to be in the galaxy right now. Send a team to get them back aboard immediately."

"I agree," Hawkins shook his head slightly. "Dispatching a team."

Bishop shook his head, "I can guarantee that Commissioner Haynes is going to have a lot to say over this and I wouldn't want to be that someone."

[Escape Pod: 14-A]

Jasmine had followed protocol, but her escape pod had not launched, like it was suppose. She could tell it was jammed, partially inside Enterprise, and partially in space. The klaxons were going off inside the tiny pod. She looked around at the personal in the pod with her.

As the dome lights continued to flicker on and off, Jasmine did her best to read the consoles several warning indicators. "Anyone an engineer or an operations officer?" Jasmine asked, as she started to look at the controls, to see how bad the damage was. There was little bit of smoke coming off one of the wall control panels.

“You’re out of luck with me,” Ryan replied to her. “But I am willing to take a look.” They all had a bit of engineer in them.

Jasmine tried to move out of the way, however she felt a sharp pain in her leg. And noticed a small amount of blood coming out of a wound. She looked towards the wound, and noticed that a shard from the console that exploded had lodged into her leg. She tried to scoot her leg away from the console. But felt a sharp pain. She knew she needed to move, if he was going to have any chance of operating the controls.

Ryan saw a slight wince on her face and looked her over. He saw the shard lodged in her leg and moved over to her. “I’m going to pick you up and move you over there.” He said. “I’ll see what I can do for your leg and then look at the panel.”

"I wonder how badly damaged the Enterprise is?" Jasmine asked, trying not to focus on the pain. She felt a great sense of pain, still coming from her leg. Which was a good thing. Despite it hurting, it meant it was still functional.

"I'm wondering the same thing," Ryan said as he worked on the panel. "I'm praying they came out of this okay." He didn't know what they would do it they didn't.

"Can you determine how badly were damaged?" Jasmine asked, before she could finishing asking. She felt a tug on the ship. She instantly thought, they were rescued. Something was going on, but she was not sure exactly what it was.

"Bridge, to escape pod," the voice of Commander Hawkins came through the comm. "We're dispatching a team to assist you, hold tight."

"Can you answer that call." Jasmine asked, as Ryan put her down on a near by seat. She put pressure on the wound. Shock was still rushing over her, she started to feel slightly cold and light headed. She needed to take it easy.

"This is Captain Walsh," Ryan answered. "High Commissioner Haynes and I are on the escape pod. I am fine but she has a leg injury. What is your status?" He wanted to know if they were going to be able to count on them for assistance or not.

"Understood Captain," Hawkins replied. "Sending medical personnel to assist. We're free of the wormhole and beginning repairs. We're have you out of there as soon as possible."

“That is good to hear,” Ryan replied. He turned to Jasmine and smiled. “It looks like the knights in shining armor are on their way to rescue us.”

Jasmine had a big smile on her face. "Good, I am eager for the doc to look at my leg." She said, trying to remain optimistic. But deep down, she felt herself, starting to slip into shock.

The Daystrom A500 android known as B9 walked down the Saucer Module corridor. Created by Bruce Maddox and Estella Mackenzie at the Daystrom Institute, the A500 androids were not sentient. The A500 series were designed to serve as a labor force for Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards' efforts to mass produce Starfleet vessels in the 2380s. On First Contact Day in 2385 an A500 deactivated Mars' orbital defense system, allowing a massive attack that destroyed the fleet, the Utopia Planitia facility, and destabilized the planet's atmosphere. 92,143 lives were lost and Mars was made uninhabitable, leading to a ban on synthetic life and the A500s to be decommissioned.

It took some time, but synthetics were reintegrated into society and the ban lifted after it was discovered the Romulans were behind the attack and malfunction of the A500s. Still, many of the A500s had been left in storage. With growing concerns over repairs and a personnel shortage in Starfleet, Admiral Targaryen had instituted a pilot program to resume usage of the A500s on a limited basis. Starfleet One was one of the few vessels chosen to test them. To help maintain the effectiveness of the units it was decided that Galatea would administrate their activities through her enhanced positronic network.

B9 purposefully walked down the corridors toward the escape pod, having processed orders from the Bridge to assist with the repairs. It's synthetic eyes studied the corridor as it walked, noting that the panel for the lifeboat release had indicated a system malfunction. The machine stopped and stared at the panel as its processors reviewed the repair protocols that were stored inside its bio-neural brain. Checking the panel it's snow white fingers quickly moved over the flickering panel. It took only moments until the doors slid open with a loud bang.

"There is our shinning knight, my leg is hurt. How far behind is the medical personal?" Jasmine asked, as she tried to sit up properly. She was finding it more challenging, the more shock started to settle in.

"Do not be alarmed," B-9 said politely, though his passive stare was as cold as an Andorian morning. It reached toward its arm and pressed against a small panel built into its forearm. A portion of skin flipped upward, revealing below twin emergency transport units. It picked up the devices and placed them on the passengers of the escape pod, "These units will transport you to Sickbay for emergency treatment. Be well."

It engaged the transporter unit, sending the duo to Sickbay for help.


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