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Project: White Knight

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 12:31pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Sherwin Porter & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD
Edited on on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 5:15pm

Mission: Atlantis
Location: Ready Room, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 07:30

Admiral William Teagarden sat at his desk reviewing the reports from the night before. The Alpha Watch relief personnel were going through another run of the Kobayashi Maru scenario and their times were improving, but they still had a long way to go toward perfection. It may've been a no win scenario, but every scenario in space was the no win scenario. They had to be ready for them.

The Wolverine had moved off and was back at Slipstream leaving Starfleet One on its own. He hadn't resumed their course yet to give the engines some cool down time, but they'd be getting on the road soon. He could kick himself for waiting even a moment longer than they had to, but he had a feeling that the contact with the Atlantean World would be well worth the wait.

He tapped a control and deactivated the monitor. He knew that the new Science Officer would be on her way soon. He hated that Commander Green had left the ship the way that she had, but he was sure that she had her motives. She was on an extended leave and could potentially return to the ship though. He hoped that she found what she was looking for. William hoped he found his own. The truth was something was happening to him and it went back to Project White Knight. Sherwin had recommended an expert be found and he did just that.

Glancing down he saw a few drips of his own blood near the corner of the couch. He had originally been contented to simply handle this meeting himself, but he wanted the Doctor there. He sighed and then tapped his communicator, "Doctor Porter to the Ready Room."

"On my way, Admiral," came the quick reply.

Sitting down at the couch he waited for his meeting.

Lily arrived at the Admiral's ready room. She was dressed in her uniform, which was skirted. She hit the chime and waited for the Admiral to allow her entry.

"It's open," William said from the couch. He looked briefly at the books that he had been scattering about yesterday when he was meeting with Science Officer Green. It was irony that he was talking with her Assistant and doing pretty much the same thing. He picked up a copy of the Klingon work 'The Dream of the Fire' as his guest entered.

The CMO stepped in briskly just after her, slightly out of breath as he slowed his pace. The last time the Admiral had called him to the Ready Room, William had expediently needed Sherwin's medical services. Seeing the new Science Officer he half smiled, "Commander." Porter glanced at the Admiral, slightly perplexed.

Lily cocked an eyebrow at the Doctor as he rushed in. When she saw the half smile she frowned at the man. "Admiral." She finally said turning her attention to him. "I must ask why you have requested my transfer on an urgent status?" She asked in her usual icy tone.

William heard the surprise in his Medical Officer's voice and the ice of Commander Snow. An apt name. He smiled, "Direct. I like that," he commented to both of them as he collapsed back into the couch with his book. "Doctor Porter knows why I've brought you here. You are an expert in genetic engineering," it wasn't a question it was a confirmation. "Because of this fact you are here. I read the declassified Section 31 files. You were one of the few also given a pardon by President Enaren."

Sherwin breathed a small sigh of relief. His concern about the situation was lessened by the Admiral's explanation. It appeared the man had taken his advice.

He tossed her a PADD and a replica to Doctor Porter, "These are restricted scans of a patient that had undergone genetic modification under Project: White Knight. Doctor Porter is already familiar with the case and had recommended we bring in an expert. I want you both to work together to determine why the enhancements are deactivating."

Lily's frown grew deeper at the name 'Project: White Knight', Section 31, the pardon, and the information on the PaDD, which she glanced over. "I'm not a Genetic Engineer, as that is illegal with the Federation. I am a Geneticists." Her tone made the room feel colder then what it was. "Now, is this 'patient' here on the ship or are we only using scans?"

Porter grabbed the PADD tossed to him, slightly wondering why he was given one. He already knew about this.

William glanced over at Porter then back, "The patient is aboard this ship, Commander, and being monitored by Doctor Porter and his staff. For now, however, you will have access to the scans only."

Lily crossed her arms across her chest as she pondered the available information. "Well that will make it easier to get current up-to-date scans." She stated as her mind started to work into overdrive. "Those that came from that project have a hormone imbalance. I'll need to do an in-depth scan to see which hormone was affected." She said drumming her fingers on her arms. "It could also be that the bodies original cells are starting to over take the genetically alter ones." She pondered out loud in a British accent.

Porter silently nodded in agreement, but he said nothing.

"Doctor Porter is also well versed in the concepts of Project: White Knight, Commander," he glanced at Sherwin as he said it then returned his gaze to the Science Officer. "I'm certain that he'll be more than willing to assist you with your investigation. Depending on your findings I will authorize you to speak with the crewmember that was enhanced, but for their protection you can surely understand the need for confidentiality."

"I can understand that." She said looking at both men, and making note of the blood on the couch. "I perfectly understand that you don't trust me. As I am new to the crew, also, a former Section 31 member who was pardoned." She continued to ponder all the available information. Then she looked at the Doctor. "I will need you to send me all available information and scans of the 'Enhanced' individual." She said as her tone returned to it's normal icy state.

The mental barriers this crewmember put out were strong, which made sense. Her journey must have been as intense as either his own or the Admiral's. "Of course," he noted. "I look forward to working with you, Commander."

Lily made a mental note on how the Doctor looked at her. She knew it wasn't in a longing way, but more of a shocked way. "I will need to arrange an appointment with you to get my physical complete, before I can really get into this investigation."

Sherwin node pleasantly, “I would be happy to perform your physical at your earlier convenience,” he replied. The blood not escape his notice either, he turned to the Admiral, “do you require anything else, Sir?”

"One last word," the Admiral answered. "I was a little taken aback by your comment, Commander. Frankly if I didn't trust you well you wouldn't have gotten within a sector of this ship let alone aboard her. There are a lot of secrets aboard this vessel, some of which you will become privy to and some of which you'll never know, but you being here proves I trust you."

He tossed the book on the table, "We still have some time before we arrive at the alien planet. You are Acting Chief Science Officer once Commander Porter clears you. Proceed to sickbay," he relaxed on the couch and noted the Doctor's expression, "unless there was something else?"

Lily looked at the Admiral briefly. "I'm here because you need me and my expertise." She said flatly and coldly. "You are taking a leap of faith in trusting me. With everything that has happened in my career to this point, that trust is refreshing and accepted." Then she turned her Turquoise eyes upon the Admiral again, but something dark seemed to shine there but for a moment. "You know that as the enhancements continue to break down, it will get more and more painful, and the their nose bleeds with become more frequent." She looked at the doctor then back to the Admiral and then back to the Doctor. "If you have time after this meeting, so I can get started in getting my department in order?"

“After this meeting is perfect,” Sherwin replied, not letting his face react to her comment about the nosebleed. He looked at the Admiral curiously.

"Make sure you monitor your patient for nosebleeds," William directed the Chief Medical Officer. "Alright I need to get to the Bridge. Enjoy your physical and see you all soon."

Lily only frowned and grunted. "Shall we?" She said to the Doctor.

“Of course. Follow me, please,” he stepped toward the direct route to Sickbay from the Admiral’s Ready Room.


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