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Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 11:37am by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Commander Galatea & Lieutenant Zomuul jav Ghul & Captain Nathan Bishop & Commander Zephryn Kaldiran & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Commander Sherwin Porter & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Commander T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara & Lieutenant Commander Patton O'Sullivan & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD & Daeren Iril & Secretary Jonathan Grayson
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Mission: Atlantis
Location: Main Bridge, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 11:47

Admiral William Teagarden stepped through the door to the Bridge of Starfleet One, gently surveying his surroundings before the inevitable announcement. It was nice to see his personnel getting along so swimmingly. The events of the previous night had apparently done some good for all of them. He hoped to have more impromptu visits instead of the crew getting together to just solve one more brush fire in their day.

"Admiral on deck!" Galatea announced from her workstation.

"At ease," William ordered walking across the Bridge toward his Captain's Chair. It was only a few moments before they'd be arriving at the Atlantean Planet. Their temporary rendezvous with the Wolverine had delayed them a bit more than he'd hoped, but at least they were back on the road.

He looked around the group, "Nice to see everyone here. I know that today's going to be a good day for all of us. First contact with a new race of people - that goes back to our very purpose. I hope to have more of them," he smiled as he said the last part. He knew that it was unlikely. In her old mission the ship was damn likely to explore strange new worlds - now not so much.

William sat down, "Any thoughts on this brave new world before we actually visit it?"

"I am hoping they have some small trinkets. That I can acquire." Jasmine said with a big grin on her face. She loved to collect unique trinkets from new worlds.

A baritone voice with a pleasing sound preceding it stated a question. "*Yiffer* I wonder if the race has any similarities to the Sumerian Race found in the L'Tandrey Protectorate, especially seeing as 'Atlantis' is also an ancient, lost civilization of Terra." The Operations Officer was wearing a racial cloak, and that cloak had kept his ears and tail hidden. He turned around while dropping the hood as his tail shifted under his cloak. He finished with, "What do you think, Admiral?"

"I always hope for an adventure, Commander," William answered. "Ever since my first tours of duty on the space service I've hoped for some form of challenge. Though, I must admit, part of me hopes for a nice relaxing visit. What are your thoughts, XO?"

Patton looked over as the executive officer gave it some thought and spoke. “I would like to find an antique weapon to bring back and add to my collection and I am up to learn new things.”

"Oh. along the same lines as yours sir. I'd like to meet, exchange ideas, see their technology, their culture. Get an opportunity to know them." Bishop answered .

"I would happy to volunteer to be on Commander Bishops away team." Jasmine said with big grin. She would love to distract her mind. Right now she was a little torn. For her feelings for John, and for what ever happened last night with Patton. They had not really discussed what happens next.

Teagarden smirked at the request, "Let's leave discussions of the away team for a few more minutes. We haven't even arrived yet." He said it playfully, hoping that the Security Chief knew he was only teasing. He added, "But your enthusiasm is certainly infectious, Commander. Think you want to take her with you, Commander?"

Jasmine looked to Nathan, to see what he was going to say. She appreciated the fact, that the admiral was in a good mood. She had a feeling she would be going on the mission. It was common practice, to have a security escort on away missions.

Bishop looked over at Jasmine before replying. "Certainly sir. Commander Haynes would be an asset to have on the away team. Of course this is all based on the belief that I am going on the away mission as well." He finished with a grin.

"You never know, Commander. With as interesting as this mission has been so far I may just beam down," William smiled disarmingly. Then again he may actually just do that despite protocol.

Daeren had taken his position at the bridge station that Teagarden had assigned to him the day before. The previous night's party had helped some of the crew to feel less as if they had to walk on eggshells around him; he hoped Jonathan had had the same experience. It had not taken long to re-acclimate himself to the console layout; being Defense Secretary, he had seen preview models of this particular design before Enterprise's last refit.

Hawkins remained quiet as the those enjoyed the small banter. Clearly the party had done wonders to ease the tension among the crew allowing them to speak more freely tongue in cheek. Though Teagarden however he'd quickly put his foot down should someone over step the mark. He glanced at the new arrived Operation's Chief Commander Kaldiran curiously.

The cloak went back into place upon Zheph, hiding the fact he was an alien race not of Terran looking descent. He already knew the Atlanteans were very Terran like, and he was going to attempt to see if they were translocated by crystalographical-psi engineering, just like the Sumerians were in the L'Tandrey Protectorate. They had created a crystalline rift gate and walked through, then populating a planet, Terrans of direct Sumerian descent. It could be similar for the Atlanteans. Once a few were ready to see him as a true 'Alien' race, and not an animal in 'humanoid' form, he would show himself. He quieted a snicker at thinking of Klingons as Terran horned Lizards in humanoid form, and wondered if the initial meeting between klingons and Terrans may have resulted in that very such thought.

He glanced over at the Helmsman, seeing that it was almost time to arrive, "Miss Bishara when you're ready feel free to drop us out of Warp."

"Yes sir. Dropping us from warp now," T'Lisha said as she brought SF1 out of warp. In front of them sat a beautiful planet, "Sir that looks like Earth, did we take a wrong turn somewhere?" she asked.

William looked at the viewscreen and saw the replica before them. It was, for all intents and purposes, Earth. It had all the same features, even the same color of blue for the oceans. He could only croak out a single word, "how?"

Lily had entered the bridge from one of the aft turbolifts. She cocked an eyebrow at seeing the world on the view screen. "It is similar to the UFC 347601 system, also known as Earth 2 by its inhabitants. That whole star system matched the Sol system almost exactly." She said in her cold and icy tone, before turning to the main science station.

He was amazed to see such a perfect replica of Earth on the viewer. "Someone go get the Atlantean Commander," he ordered then turned toward the side consoles.

Hawkins made to move to full fill Teagarden's request when Bishop spoke up. His fractional hesitation at Snow's entrance rather than Green. He cold clipped tone and distinct hair colour matched her name, he felt sure the temperature on the bridge dropped a degree or two.

"I'll get her sir. If it is okay with you." Bishop spoke from the XO's chair. Then waited for the Admiral's reply.

"Sure," Teagarden answered his XO. "Patton go with him."

Bishop rose and moving off the bridge heading to the nearest turbolift. Once inside he waited for Patton. He wanted to get to Viol and have her on the bridge as they looked upon her world which was a mirror image of Earth.

O’Sullivan followed Bishop onto the turbolift. He glanced at the executive officer. “A mirrored planet to Earth.” It was probably a dumb to state the obvious but he was mulling this over. How did this happen? Had someone purposely done this? It seemed like that had to. “It seems strange to me, Sir.”

"How so Mr. Patton?" Bishop asked keenly Interested in the man's reasoning. "In all the galaxies and all the suns and planets in those galaxies. Sooner or later a twin to Earth was bound to appear."

“I suppose you are right,” Patton thought. “But every detail?”

Bishop smiled at the younger man. "If I had a certain amount of monkeys and equal number of typewriters. One of those monkeys would type out Shakespeare's The Tempest. Lets try to keep an open mind. Mr. Patton. Be wary, be alert but open to all possibilities."

"Let's see if what we can see. Start scanning for any potential threats, Commander Haynes. Ms. Snow, is this an example of Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development, Commander," he asked their Acting Science Officer

Jasmine started to scan the area, and was surprised by the scans. Luckily at the moment, there was no immediate threats in the area.

Lily cocked an eyebrow at the Admiral. "Yes sir." She stated in her normally icy tone. There was something about this that she wasn't liking.

He grinned, "While Commander Haynes is looking for orbital threats begin surface scans."

As the Bridge doors opened for Bishop and Patton to exit, the CMO stepped off. "Commanders," he nodded in passing.

"Hello Doctor. Get ready for a heck of a view." Bishop greeted as he moved into the lift.

Sherwin moved across the Bridge toward the Captain's chair, his eyes fixed on the viewscreen. "Just as I suspected," he said nodding his head slightly. "Just like Earth." He glanced over, first at Commander Snow and then at the Admiral before returning his gaze to the planet, "any sign of an underwater civilization?"

The Admiral wanted to laugh, but stifled it because it was a genuine question. Atlantis was an island community according to myth. If this was Atlantis, then perhaps it was true. "Good question?"

"I'm detecting a city floating in the Atlantic Ocean. It's movement shows that it is travelling with the ocean's current." Lily said in awe of the technological marvel that is this city.

"On screen," he ordered and Galatea complied. The visual before them changed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a surprisingly large landmass centralized. It was gently floating amidst the water just as the Science Officer had said. He realised he was having trouble seeing it though. "Magnify," the viewer complied and showed the impressive sight.

"I don't believe it. It is beautiful and it floats but how?", T'Lisha stammered.

"Atlantis," the Admiral whispered that the sight. "Amazing. Simply amazing. Keep us parallel to it. Let's see if we can get in contact with anyone. Start looking for communications antennas. Let's see if anyone wants to talk."

"Establishing parellel orbit with the Island Admiral" T'Lisha replied as she brought Sf1 above the Island.

Hawkins smirked at the discovery, this was turning into a very interesting discovery indeed.

Porter nodded as he inclined his head and stared at the floating civilization. "That makes sense," he murmured, referring to his physiological scans of their guests.

"Personally, I find it easier to believe that we've slipped into a parallel universe than to believe in parallel planetary development--at least insofar as tectonic plate movement is concerned," Daeren said in wry tones. "This is like finding two people with exactly the same fingerprints."

"The galaxy is full of mystery, Mister Secretary," Teagarden commented as he circled the upper level of the Bridge and stopped at the viewscreen. "You never know what the next mystery will hold." He looked at the Ops Officer, "Open a channel." He turned toward the Secretary of the Exterior, "I think you should handle this one."

Jon looked at the Admiral and nodded, "Thank you Admiral." He said sincerely. then spoke. His voice calm and even. "This is Ambassador Jonathan Grayson of the United Federation of Planets. Currently in orbit above you world. We come to you in friendship. Whom do I have the honor and pleasure of talking to?"

It took a moment but a statuesque woman appeared on the viewer. Her hair was blonde, curly, and waist-length. Her ice blue eyes were piercing, cold but also warm and welcoming. As was her smile, her lips outlined in violet hues. "I am Daiarcall," she said with a lyrical voice. "We always knew we weren't alone in the universe. Finally, someone answered our call!"

Sherwin looked at the woman on the screen. She resembled the others that he'd examined in Sickbay. They were clearly all descendants of the same genetic pool, but each had distinct differences, very much like on Earth.

T'Lisha's jaw dropped. The woman was beautiful, almost perfect, which made her slightly uncomfortable.

Lily looked at the woman on the screen, but she got a feeling that something was wrong in paradise. She looked at the Planetary scans again, but something seemed wrong there too.

Interesting. No apparent suspicion or fear. But what an odd greeting, Daeren thought. On the other hand, he couldn't quite articulate what he might have expected her to say, instead.

"You must come visit our world!" The Atlantean leader insisted. "We want to learn more of you. Join us for dinner this evening. We would be happy to have you."

Jonathan nodded and smiled. "We would be delighted to see your world and learn more about it and it's people. Please give us the coordinates so we may come and meet with you face to face."

The Atlantean nodded, "We will transmit them now. Your personnel are welcome to visit our world even before then. We are very welcoming. Until this evening." The channel abruptly closed.

With the communications closed, Zheph dropped his cloak hood and kept attention to his tasks. His tail flicked in unease at how the proceedings went. This was not the typical diplomatic niceties back and forth, but was more like a 'say this, now answer that' in the background from another. He kept his musings to himself for now.

William surveyed the group. The diplomatic needs of this mission would take priority. He began choosing from the group who would be going and who would remain behind.

Jasmine was hoping to be chosen for this mission. She had made her intentions clear early on the matter. But that call was up to the Admiral.

The Admiral was surprised by the abruptness of the communications being cut. It was certainly atypical, but they were a new world. Strangeness could be part of the territory. Turning away from the viewer he looked around the circular Bridge. "Alright, there is no reason not to take them up on their offer of shore leave. We'll authorize in shifts," he looked at Commander Kalidran, "Ops will help coordinate under their role the schedules. Commander Bishop will go down with the first group though. Commander Haynes will also lead her own shore leave team. This is a new world, but we need to look around." He considered carefully the risks. This was a new world and they needed to be careful especially under the possibility that the Atlanteans weren't all they seemed. "Type 1 Phasers can be taken but nothing higher. The dinner this evening will be handled as a ceremonial event. I will announce personnel shortly to attend," William concluded.

Zheph's tail shook twice in affirmative to Will. Also understood was his help in coordinating none terran looking races for later shore leave and in areas of less concern after the first groups came reporting back. On the plus side, with him staying on board for a while, he could help keep the ship ready for 'surprises', just in case.

Bishop was quick with his answer, "Commanders Hawkins, O'Sullivan and Snow, you're with me." He looked at Teagarden, "I'd like to take Commander Viol as well sure, she can help show us around... if that is alright,"

"Have fun," he said.

"I'll take Commander Ribgy, Doctor Ilkun and Commander Bishara with me. " Jasmine said. She had not really worked with Doctor Ilkun or Commander Bishara before, so that was going to be a golden opportunity to do so. And it had been some time, since Rigby and her and been assigned to an away team together.

Lily stood from her station and looked at the rest of the bridge. "Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this whole situation?" She asked in her normal icy tone.

" are not the only one. There is something about her that makes me uncomfortable. I will reserve my opinion until I find out what it is. I do advise caution in how we proceed", T'Lisha replied.

Zheph's left ear flicked while a slightly amused grin was upon his muzzle. His whiskers moved forward as a cup of coffee moved through the air towards his hand and he took a sip. He looked forward to how Will and Jonathon were going to explain how knowing of a possible trap allowed walking into that trap while being prepared for it, and understanding help or force needed to diffuse the trap.

Hawkins glanced sideways at Teagarden and Bishop as Snow spoke rather out of place. Her cold tone did little to her sarcasm and scepticism, she was a real party pooper if he ever did see one.

The Chief Medical Officer glanced over at her. "There are a multitude of medical and scientific anomalies, parallels and evolutionary theories that could lead to this situation," he replied to the Lieutenant Commander, "any of which could also lead to deviations to what may appear. At this juncture, exploring the situation in front of us is an extremely viable option."

Porter looked at looked around at those who were itching to go. He had already previously been assured by Admiral Teagarden that he could go down to the surface so that he could examine more of the indigenous population's resemblance and congruity with Earth's humanity. "I will also be heading down to the surface on one of the Away Teams."

Jonathan looked over at Porter as he finished how there could be a twin Earth. "What he said." Jonathan remarked evenly.

"Perhaps, but this parallel seems too perfect to me," Daeren said.

"You will. Join Commander Haynes," William answered the Doctor and then looked at his Security Chief. "Go ahead and get going," he looked at Commander Snow, "That's one of the other reasons I want away teams to go before full shore leave is approved. Just to make sure things are safe."

Bishop spoke from the Admiral's side having moved down to speak. "Any orders sir? Do you want us to beam down or take a shuttle to the surface?"

"This is a new world that is only learning their place in a larger universe. Transport down and take a look around at what they have to offer. Maybe keep off the grass though, but take a look around all the same. We do want to make a good first impression don't we?"

Patton was happy to be on one of the teams. He wanted to see this twin to Earth.

Jasmine nodded as she started to walk off the bridge, she looked to her team, as they headed into the turbolift. She started to make her way to the transporter room.

As T'Lisha turned over the helm to the relief officer, she caught a cold shiver run through her spine as she sensed some deception. But from what or better yet from where. She followed Jasmine into the turbolift for the transporter room.

The Admiral watched as the Away Teams headed off on their adventures.

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