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Homeward Bound

Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 11:32pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen & Administrator Weyoun 12 & Commander Ash Randall

Mission: Exodus
Location: Saucer Module
Timeline: 2430-01-10, 16:15

Admiral William Teagarden sat in his chair on the center of the Enterprise Bridge staring at the Jem'Hadar soldier sitting in the chair before him. The viewscreen didn't give him much more comfort as the interference obscured their view of the neighboring stars. For a race intent on their place as leaders of the galaxy they had shown themselves to be paranoid beyond comparison.

"ETA to the Founder's World?" he asked shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

The Jem'Hadar didn't miss a beat, "You will be informed when we arrive."

William glanced at the guest on the Bridge, "Do you believe I'm satisfied with that answer, Administrator?"

Weyoun shrugged, "Probably not. I can tell you with confidence that we are in the last stages of our journey and will be arriving at the Founder's Homeworld in a quarter of your hours. When we arrive you and I will transport to the surface to speak with the Founders. No one else."

The Admiral looked around the Bridge as he pushed his back against the chair wondering what everyone else thought of that.

Commander Randall did so much as look up from what she was doing or show any indication, of any kind, she had heard what Administrator Weyoun had said. It was up to the XO to voice his thoughts as the Tuansee Engineer wasn't going to say a thing unless someone asked her what she thought.

Galatea stood at her workstation behind the Admiral looking at the Vorta that sat at the powered down XO's workstation. She wondered what the other crew thought. Commander O'Sullivan was the XO for this part of the voyage and was near to the Vorta. As Security Chief she wondered what his perspective would be.

The Admiral let out a long breath as he thought about it. He looked at the XO then back to Weyoun, "I will be happy to accompany you, Administrator. Mister O'Sullivan, you have the Bridge."


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