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Good Girl

Posted on Thu Dec 29th, 2022 @ 1:33pm by Crewman Melly
Edited on on Sun Feb 5th, 2023 @ 3:01am

1,440 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Short Treks
Location: Tantalus Prison Colony
Timeline: 2430-09-16, 9:00

Disclaimer Warning: Physical and Psychological Abuse

Location: Tantalus Prison Colony
Melly sat down in the rather comfortable but big chair in the Napean Counselors office. Every time she sat in the chair her feet dangled and she felt swallowed by it. As the Counselor entered Melly waved with a smile, "Hello Ms Tavera. I hope you are having a good day?"

The older, visibly at least woman returned the smile and moved to the replicator. "Andonian tea, two mugs, warm."

Collecting the mugs she walked around and placed one before Melly and then sat in her chair. She sipped softly before looking over the mug to Melly. "Little one.. I have told you that you don't need my permission. Drink."

Melly took the mug, large but not too big in her small hands and began to sip with a happy smile.

"You are a bright point in my schedule, with all the unpleasantness I deal with it always warms me to have you here.", she said before placing down her mug. "Now drink and when you get a few sips in you we can begin.. Today.. will not be a good conversation.", she said pausing a few times as she spoke as if trying to delay the topic.

Melly finished a number of sips of the warm, soothing drink before placing it on the Counselors table and looking up, "I'm ready. What shall we speak of?"

The Counselor pressed a few buttons and a hologram of Admiral Norith appeared from a floor emitter in the corner. He was full height, almost seven feet tall and made Melly seem smaller by comparison. Melly's first action was to dive down from the chair and hide underneath. The Counselor carefully rose and walked around the table before leaning down to reach a hand under the chair. After a moment Melly reached out with a shivering hand and the woman helped her to her feet.

"A hologram. He won't hurt you. He's not an interactive one. Now please sit down in the chair little one.", the Counselor said softly.

Once Melly was in the chair the woman returned to her own before looking at Melly, staring for a few moments before pressing the button for the magnetic restraint field to stick Melly to the chair. "This.. isn't for punishment as commonly the case. I want you to be unable to move. I do not fear you to be a threat to me, but to yourself. Now Melly...", she said looking down at the frightened girl who was struggling against the magnetic field. "Melly. Little One. Please calm down. You are safe. But we need to discuss him. You are here for what you did to him. So let us speak on this. I will not ask the first time you two met... or the night you stabbed him forty times. Each has their own vital purpose and will tell me much. Instead I wish you to pick a random encounter. Any encounter.". The Counselor then turned off the hologram and Melly untensed slightly.

"Now please tell me Melly, as you're safe here.", the Counselor said as she rubbed her own temples, the emotions of fear and panic, of self loathing and shame were a bit overwhelming as they came from Melly. "Now speak little one."

"One time, when bad dumb girl was...", Melly started but was quickly stopped by the Counselor.

"Try again Little One, those are his words not yours”, she said with a reassuring smile.

Melly was dressed in her formal uniform as she waited outside the Admirals apartment. She had been told to dress to the best she had and her hair was up in the barrette he had given her. She did not like being here as she would prefer to be out in space doing her best to protect others with her starfighter skills. However Admiral Norith had given her a task while on leave from the USS Spectre. The leaves seemed more and more often of late, always arranged by the Admiral. This would be a good career advancement others told her, but she was not happy. She did not like the tasks he would assign her, the reading he wanted, the training he would ask her to do. It felt wrong, but he was an Admiral. What could she do? Go to her Captain and say 'hey boss this Admirals a Denebian Slime Devil?'. She would be busted to Ensign. On top of it Admiral Norith had told her no one would believe her. He even had others formerly in his 'care' like this come to tell her all the things they have gained from being 'good girls'. She didn't like being a good girl for him. But she was in a spot now, she could not disobey direct orders of a Flag officer. So she would be a good girl, and then go back to her quarters and cry in the sonic shower. Curled in a ball on the floor as the sonic waves went over her. But she would not be busted in rank, reassigned to something dreadful, or forbidden from flying her beloved Peregrine bombers.

She was not outside long before the door opened and Admiral Norith was there, wearing his dress uniform with so many awards that he could deflect phaser fire with them. Melly likewise had her silver pilot wings, Star Cross, Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry, and her four Commendations dotting her left breast of the uniform.

"Come in", he said, turning without another word and Melly followed. The room... was like a deck of a ship. It was so large. Her quarters could fit ten or fifteen times over.

"Melly.", the Admiral said as he patted his right hip.

Melly knew what this meant, his training told her what it meant. She moved and pressed her cheek to his hip, her small height perfectly resting against him if not slightly lower.

He gave a smile and placed his hand atop her head. "I see you're wearing your barrette. It does make you a lovely child."

Everytime he said that word 'child' it gave her a disgust in her stomach. Not because she looked like one but because of what he meant.

"I have a guest tonight. All you have to do is what you are doing now. If he leaves in a good mood I will reward you. If he doesn't...", Admiral Norith slid his hand from the top of her head to her left cheek pressed against his leg and with the palm he shoved her hard sending her tumbled head over feet. Melly rubbed her arm where she landed but after a moment Norith snapped his fingers at his side and pointed down. Rising quickly she returned to the position he had her in but rather than rest his hand on the top of her head he put the palm to the back of her neck under her hair. Wrapping his fingers around her neck from both sides he said softly. "I could break your neck, without a care. But I won't because you're a good girl. You want to be a good girl for me right?"

Melly tensed feeling his fingers but did not move or struggle. She knew better.

"Yes Sir, very much so Sir.", Melly spoke as he had taught but not as she was thinking. In her mind she wanted to cry and strike at his legs. But tears would anger him.. so she answered as he wanted.

"Good girl. Now the guest should be here at any time. He is an Orion gentleman, he works with cargo. If you are a good girl you will never be in that cargo.", Norith said, holding Melly to his hip. "I would hate you to be in the back of a cargo vessel. So be good. You're always good. A good girl."

Melly whimpered in the chair, "We met the Orion man and I was good. The Admiral was happy and the Orion left happy. I got my reward.

The Counselor was aghast as she took notes, "What was the reward little one?"

"Larger quarters on the USS Spectre and a few months without having to be a good girl for him.", Melly said, sinking into the chair as the Counselor turned off the magnetic field.

"I want you to go back to your cell Melly, take a long shower, no crying on the floor. Then sleep on the bed, not the floor. We will continue this talk another day. But first.. finish your tea little one. I think you need it."


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