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Illuminating the City of Light

Posted on Sat Sep 28th, 2019 @ 9:23pm by President Gruzy
Edited on on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 5:11pm

Mission: Atlantis
Location: Paris, Earth
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 19:00

The Federation News Service had a variety of programming in the wake of the Dominion and Klingon Conflicts plus the Hobus Event that were unorthodox for its history. Previously the focus of the FNS had been merely to report the news as it happened and relay it to the citizens of the Federation. After those two bloody conflicts though things began to change. Instead of just reporting the news with the occasional colorful banter, instead they added in more flavorful commentary of the days events. Eventually, programs like Illuminating the City of Light came upon the scene.

Illuminating the City of Light was one such program. Designed as a review of the activities of the Federation government in Paris, it was originally a nightly news program that was straightforward and to the point. As time went on they brought in more and more panelists to discuss matters until the program became what it was today: another way to bash the decision of governmental leaders. Today was no different.

Sitting in the Moderator's Chair was Caitian Journalist Khiryl. A veteran of the program, for the last six years she had been in this role on the show. She was a journalist of the old school that had lost her way a bit and she was far from a fan of President Gruzy or his Administration. Tonight was no different.

"I can't believe he let this happen!" Khiryl said from her seat in the middle of the stage. "If you're just joining us we've been talking for the last hour about today's session of the Federation Council and the horrible performance of our President. In the latest series of blunders, President Gruzy has caused a crisis for the Bajorans and our relationship with the Cardassian Union by admitting that the Cardassians still possess a Bajoran Orb in an open session. They're willing to return it to the Bajorans, but at the price of Federation made Industrial Replicators."

"Joining me in our discussion tonight are some frequent guests from the Federation Government. Benzite Ambassador Caxl is joining us," she motioned toward the alien Representative as he sat adjacent to her.

He took a breath from his rebreather, "Happy to be here tonight."

"Representative Nonnuv Vogh of Tellar," the Caitian continued.

The Tellarite woman waved to the crowd with a smirk on her face before sitting back down.

"Any my Countryman Juhani of Catar," she indicated the other Caitian on the stage who waved in response.

Looking into the holocamera she continued, "We had invited the Bajoran Representative and the Cardassian Ambassador to join us this evening, but we did not hear back from their representatives. Rumor has it that they've both been sent to Cardassia Prime regarding this very issue on a fools errand."

"It's certainly out of left field," Caxl answered from his seat. "The entire situation could have been easily avoided if the President had brought this to a closed session. Instead, the way he did this, all it did was cause pandemonium especially for the Bajorans. Those Orbs are Holy relics to them."

"Even though they were made by wormhole aliens," Nonnuv Vogh said with a laugh. "Bajoran mysticism has no place in this. We need allies more than ever especially with the loss of the Vulcans to the Romulan Star Empire. The Cardassians have grown in strength ever since the war and we would be better served than to have to deal with the challenges of Bajor and keeping their mysticism from destroying this government."

Caxl took another breath, "I wouldn't necessarily say that they're wrong though. The Bajorans worship those wormhole aliens - the Prophets are their deity - and to withhold vital relics of their culture from them is a criminal offense."

"We all know that if the President had brought this up in a closed session you'd be one of the first challenging him, Caxl," Juhani charged. "It's no secret you have ambitions."

"But I would never use my position to undermine the President for personal gain. Only in an effort to protect this Federation," the Benzite challenged back. "The risk of losing the Bajorans outweighs the potential benefits of keeping them. We have lost one of the Founding Worlds - and we all know New Vulcan has been a disaster since Gruzy announced it - so we have to do what we can to keep the resources we have."

The Tellarite interrupted, "So we have to play ball with the people who are trying to take the ball and go home? Is that it?"

"The Bajorans won't leave the Federation that easily," Caxl replied.

"They seemed pretty intent on it earlier today," Juhani chimed in. "Am I the only one that watched the Bajoran Ambassador walk out of the Chamber?"

"No I saw them," the Tellarite replied. "If they want to leave that's their choice. They need to pull their weight and not be a burden on the process of government."

Juhani shrugged, "Maybe I'm just of a different breed than you, Ambassador. I for one see the risks of them leaving outweighing the benefits. Need I remind you that the Bajorans have one of the most important strategic benefits in their possession? The wormhole? We lose it and there are a lot of people on the other side stranded."

"You mean the Dominion? The people who want to kill us because of their misbegotten mysticism too?" Nonnuv asked bitterly to the group. "We should have closed that wormhole when we had the chance."

"We tried," Caxl interrupted. "We failed."

"More mysticism?" the Tellarite taunted.

The Benzite shook his head, "That was a fallout from the Dominion War."

"Caused by the wormhole!" Nonnuv said after mock hitting her head. "Look at all the benefits of the Bajorans now!"

"Like the Cardassians are any better to have in our corner," Caxl commented. "The people who were allied with us, joined the Dominion, broke the treaty we had with them, and tried to destroy us?"

Juhani rolled his eyes, "And people wonder why the Vulcans left us."

"Excuse me?" Caxl and Nonnuv asked it nearly perfect sync.

"You heard me. We're supposed to be a United Federation of Planets and all we do these days is bicker with one another. This decision was horrible! Won't someone please think of the children? You don't pull your own weight. We need to limit oversight! We don't have enough oversight! It's all the same over and over again." The Caitian Ambassador sighed as he retreated deeper into his chair. "Enough," he instead got up from his seat and stormed off the stage.

Khiryl watched as the other Caitian walked away and off stage. She looked into the holorecorder, "As we can all see this has been a very challenging discussion. Let's take a break for a moment and when we come back we'll discuss the Klingon Front and the latest from their new Chancellor. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see if we can get Juhani back to his seat. Talk soon..."


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