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Let's Get Physical

Posted on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 8:24pm by Commander Sherwin Porter & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD
Edited on on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 5:15pm

Mission: Atlantis
Location: Sickbay - Exam Room 4
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 08:00

The to Sickbay was brief as the ship design had allowed for expedient, direct access from the Ready Room to Sickbay, and the two officer's had taken the direct route. They were both quiet as the made the short journey.

When they arrived, Sherwin led the way through the corridor next to the main Sickbay to the fourth examination room. Giving his authorization, the doors slid open to reveal a biobed, a biochair, a desk, and a small couch. The room was often multi-functional for both counseling and medical uses.

He turned as Lieutenant Commander Snow stepped inside. "I'm sorry we did not have the chance to be formally introduced," he said. "As you already know, I'm Doctor Porter, and I would like to personally welcome you to the Enterprise."

Lily only grunted at the welcome. "Thank you, even though it is late." She said in her normal icy tone. "Doctor Lily Snow." She stated. Her eyes landed on the small couch. She took a seat on the biochair and looked at the other Doctor. "Shall we get started?"

"Of course," he replied as she moved into the chair. Porter reached her and pressed the panel. "Please place the back of your head against the head rest and your arms on the armrests."

Lily leaned back into the chair, but she kept her Turquoise eyes trained on the fellow doctor.

"It will take a few minutes for the diagnostics to run," he said as he squinted a bit at the readout. It was slightly blurry until he consciously focused his eyes a bit more. Presbyopia was beginning to set in, it seemed. Even with his Betazoid, Ullian and Human mixed heritage, that particular issue was universal among those species. He'd either need to start using reading glasses soon or ask one of his colleagues to perform eye surgery on him.

"I hope you are settling in well," he said pleasantly. "Have you had a chance to move into your quarters yet?"

She made noted of how Porter was acting with his eyes and the display. "Yes, I've been shown my quarters and all my belongings where present." Lily stated as she knew he was attempting to make small talk. "Once I can get my stove, oven and refrigerator installed everything will be settles." She said in her icy tone.

Then she turned her attention away from the man. "I can tell you what the bio scan will tell you." She stated very flatly and icy. "It will say that I'm hyper intelligent with an Eidetic Memory with near perfect recall. It will also tell you that I suffer from Hyperthymia and Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. Because of those conditions I also have a minor chemical imbalance in my brain." Then she flicked her Turquoise eyes at the man. "You might want to get your Presbyopia corrected soon."

"Thank you," he replied as he watched the readings that began to flow across the health diagnostic assessment screen, "both for your self-assessment and your concern for my health." The immunization documentation revealed that not only was Lieutenant Commander Snow up-to-date on her requisite injections, but that she also had several received additional boosters and vaccines that were indicative of section 31 members.

Porter moved the information around on the screen and pressed another button on the panel. "Commander, have you ever utilized Counseling services in Starfleet?"

Lily shifted her attention to the wall as she seemed to think of an answer. Then she turned her attention back towards Porter. "Unfortunately." She said. "Starfleet thought that something traumatic happened to me in my childhood. Which there was no such event." Her tone was cold. "I had to attend counseling when I had to take a leave of absence to tend to my mother after she was beaten and raped." Her eyes and tone grew darker. The computer beeped as the medical device detected an increase in the chemical imbalance. "This left her with a child. My sister Miri." She turned her attention away from the Doctor. "I'm not really in the mood to talk with another Councilor."

"And you do not need to," Sherwin replied glancing down at her and then back up at the readings, "at least at this time. You have clearly managed to take what some would perceive as a disadvantage and use it to your advantage. My only potential concern is that because of your unique conditions, you have the potential to physiologically push your body past the normal physical safety margins without being aware."

He looked at her, "you could permanently hurt yourself without even realizing it."

"I'm intimately aware of this possibility." Lily said flatly and coldly. "I've lived with my unique conditions sense I was born, 26 years ago." She stated looking at the nails on her right hand. "I set my own personal limits when I perform my exercises."

"Of course," Sherwin said, "and that is great. Physical exercises are an excellent trial for emergent situations." His brain flashed through all of the devastating scenarios he himself had been through. "The only difference being that overwhelming emotions can sometimes lock out the physical pain that is felt, and in your case those physical pain barriers may not act as a secondary barrier for self-preservation. I only wish to urge you to keep that in mind."

"I couldn't forget if I wanted to." Lily stated coldly.

He flipped off the machine. "I'm clearing you for your duties. Is there anything else you wish to discuss?"

"Not at this time." Lily said standing up and flattening her skirt out. "When you get the time, transfer me all the information about the White Knight patient."

"I will have it to you in the next few minutes," he acknowledged, "and please know that my door is open to you at any time."

"Careful with that statement." Lily said looking at the Porter. "I get, maybe 3 hours of sleep a night, so I'm up at all hours of the night." Her Turquoise eyes softened a bit. "I'm door is also open to you." Then the iciness of her tone dropped into a British accent. "Just if you come by my quarters, I may make you fat with proper cooking." Then some color appeared on her pale skin as she headed out the door.

Sherwin watched her as she headed out the door before he could respond. When the door closed, he smiled. There was definitely more to her than the hard exterior she presented in the two encounters they just had - that was evident even without his counseling degree, empathy or telepathy.

It was the first time in a long while that someone had left him an open invitation to stop by, and he could almost hear William Teagarden's voice in his head telling him he needed to stop being a social recluse. Not to mention the fact that he could probably use more meat on his bones. Along with his depression in the past several months came the lack of appetite. He'd lost several pounds from his weight a year prior. Perhaps he would take her up on the offer when his schedule allowed.

In the meantime, he had much to do. After finishing his notes regarding her physical, he headed back to his office in Sickbay to send her the White Knight documentation. Working with her would certainly prove interesting.


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