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Welcome Back

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 @ 1:26am by Commander Galatea & Commander Zephryn Kaldiran & Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow PhD, MD
Edited on on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 5:16pm

Mission: Atlantis
Location: Transporter Room, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2429-12-03, 07:04

Commander Galatea materialized in the Transporter Room after receiving the notice of the Wolverine exiting slipstream. The Hologram stood with her arms at rest behind her, keeping her most professional face about her.

"We've received the signal from the Wolverine that they are ready to beam the Commander and his party aboard," the crewman informed.

The hologram did not immediately answer. She had not been made aware that the Commander was coming with guests. Galatea nodded, "What of Commander Green?"

"She is beaming out from Transporter Room 3 as we speak."

The AI nodded, "Beam the Commander and his party aboard."

The familiar hum of the transporter engaged and a tall alien appeared in the uniform of an Operations Officer. Additional beings began to materialize moments later. Galatea looked up, "Welcome to Starfleet One."

Zheph stepped off of the Transporter Padd as two female alien races picked up duffel bags and stepped off of the pad as well. Zheph stated, "Commander Zhephryn Chancer Kaldiran, Chief Operations Officer, requesting permission to board. With me are Secundra Resnandra Kaldiran, trained Shaghasi-i-Huzuri Assistant (Screened and Verified High Ranking Diplomatic assistant), and Vienderian Natasha Artessae Kaldiran, trained Governess and Diplomatic Nurse. They will step into any roles as needed by the Diplomatic Corps on board."

Nandra, Pantigrian Race, 5' 11" at 215 lbs with an athletic-voluptuous build, was dressed in business Executive Admin Assistant clothing (Black skirt down to knees *actually a long skort*, blue blouse, Dark Grey jacket, 2 inch heals with hidden access for claws). The humanoid 'white tigress' curtsied when Zheph mentioned her, the special diplomatic clearance symbols upon her left and right lapels of her collar. Tasha, Vulzeriandrey race - very large ears, 4' 4" at 142 lbs, slim petite build, was dressed in a House Diplomatic Executive Nurse outfit (Red skirt down to calves *is a skort*, white undershirt, grey with red sworls and markings long jacket, and grey with red marks sneakers with hidden access to her foot claws). The humanoid 'Fennec Vixen' curtsied with a bow mixed in when Zheph mentioned her, the special clearance symbols and nurse triage symbols upon the lapels of her jacket.

The hologram nodded in welcome, "Permission granted to board this vessel. I have noted their arrival in the duty logs of the ship as well."

Zeph replied, "Thank you very much, Galatea." With the quick formalities out of the way, Zheph asked, "How are you doing, Galatea? Personally, besides system operations? And, yes, Tasha was accepted from fiance to full wife status while I was away."

"Very good," she said with a smile, "they've increased my safeguards toward those with technopathy." She motioned toward the door, "If you will follow me I will show you to your cabins."

Zeph nodded, his expression showing very pleased. While Technopathy was very rare, it was there, and those with ill intent could wreak havoc upon unguarded, and even guarded systems. He yiffed and said, "That is very good to hear, and gladly."

Before they could leave the Transporter Chief interrupted, "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but the Wolverine is signaling another transfer is preparing to come aboard."

The hologram looked stunned, which was hard for her, but quickly hid the surprise as she searched her database for answers. "I was unaware of any additional transfers."

The Antedean typed on the panel, "They are reporting that the transfer is at the direct request of the Admiral and has been approved by him."

"Understood," she was the Admiral's Attaché and she had no knowledge of this. It didn't make any sense. At least she was getting to test how well her technopathy defenses were. "Transport is authorized. Bring the new arrival aboard."


Zheph caught onto Galatea's confusion and concerns, just as he would be. He motioned for his two wives to stand over to the side as he got between them and the transporter pad. He took an unassuming stance that was actually a prepared defensive posture and waited to see who the surprise newcomer would be.

Lily appeared on the transporter with her gear. She frowned at seeing the AI's avatar and the 3 animaloids. The air seemed to get a bit colder with Lily's look. She stepped forward. "Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow, Assistant Chief Science Officer, requesting permission to board."

"Permission granted," she answered still surprised by the newcomer. "Welcome aboard. I must admit I was unaware of your arrival, Commander. You will have to excuse my lapse."

She adjusted her white blouse as her Turquoise eyes scanned the assembled group. "Understandable that I would arrived before my transfer orders." Her tone dropped into a more icy quality. She pulled a PaDD from her belt that was holding up her floor length black skirt and handed it to the AI. "Here are my orders for your viewing pleasure."

The hologram glanced at the Operations Manager as she read the report. Absently she introduced, "This is Commander Kaldiran and his spouses." The orders came directly from the Admiral himself with the request being routed through Doctor Porter's office. Very irregular.

Zheph studied the Terran Female closely in her bhindu nervature. The normalized flow of Terran synaptic flow was not there and followed along slightly differing pathways. She was either born or altered enhanced, interesting. As far as her stare or tone, he was not put off in the least, and marked them as the start of his own personality profile on her for future interactions. His tail did family house signs to his wives and they visibly relaxed.

He came forward to offer a hand to her and said, "Commander Zhephryn Chancer Kaldiran, Chief Operations Officer. Well, that is my easy to say name. My true name is rather hard to pronounce without a, as Terran's call it, muzzle, which I have due to being an Alien race called the Vulpiandrey, from the L'Tandrey Protectorate."

Lily made note of the of Zhephryn's wondering eyes on how he was studying her. She also noticed his tail movements and how his wives relaxed. When he approached her and offered his hand. She cocked an eyebrow at the man. She was trying to figure out if the man was making a slight against her and any other non-muzzled races. She ran her own Turquoise eyes over the man studying him. "Commander." She said with an icy tone. "Lieutenant Commander Lily Snow, Assistant Chief Science Officer." She finally took his hand, ever so quickly, before releasing it.

Having gotten to the bottom of the mystery, Galatea looked back toward the new arrivals. "I apologize but I have been able to find some answers. Commander Kaldiran, if you don't mind, could you proceed to your cabin without escort? The Admiral would like me to escort Commander Snow directly to her cabin before he meets with her."

Again she brought her attention upon the AI. "Hmmm." She seemed to turn that simple sound into something cold. "I guess this is going to be interesting."

Zheph performed a proper Diplomatic bow to Galatea and replied, "Of course, Commander Galatea, I will take Shaghasi-i-Huzuri Resnandra Kaldiran and Hanandra-i-Juruwai Natasha Kaldiran and myself to the proper quarters. As the Admiral's Personal Attache', you have your needed duties. I look forward to discussing with you more about your personality and system updates. I will get to the bridge right after that. Thank you, Commander Galatea."

Zheph performed a diplomatic bow to Lt. Commander Snow and said, "Commander, Snow, nice first meeting. Until later." He straightened up and left the transporter room, already knowing which way to go as he was intimately familiar with the ship.

Lily watched the man and his wives walk out of the room. She knew that she liked the man, but wasn't sure at this junction of time what to do about it. Then she turned her attention once again to the AI. "Shall we? It seems I will need to change into my uniform before meeting with the Admiral."

Galatea nodded quickly as she communicated with the ship's computer. With not knowing of the Commander's arrival she needed to work quickly to secure her a room. It wasn't like they didn't have options, but she wanted something appropriate.

"I have arranged quarters for you near the scientific compound aboard the ship. If you will come with me please," she sent the data to the transporter panel as well to allow for the transport of the personal belongings of their Science Officer.

"That is good." Lily said coldly. "Any idea on why the Admiral requested me?"

The AI kept walking, "I don't presume to guess the Admiral's motives with any of his decisions these days. He'll either tell me when he's ready, or he won't. I'm going to assume you'll learn the reason when he meets with you." Her responses were similarly chilly as they entered the turbolift, "Scientific Compound."

Lily just shrugged at the AI's tone. "I guess I will find out soon."

"Indeed," she said as the turbolift ended its ascent and opened. She stepped out to the turbolift and turned right, walking through the hallway, "Nonetheless, I am certain that you will find this vessel to your liking. It is freshly refitted after two decades with all the creature comforts of luxury compounds. It was originally a warship, now it's a ship of peace. Here we are," she said with a smile as they reached the Assistant Chief's quarters.

The doors slid open automatically to reveal a three section suite. "I hope that you find this room to your liking."

Lily looked around the room and made note of her belongings that was to large to beam over with her. Galatea noticed that Lily's demeanor shift while looking around. "This room is perfect." She said with a British accent and without her normal icy tone. "Thank you."

"You are welcome, Commander," the AI answered. "Your personal belongings have been brought aboard. I hope that you find your time with us enjoyable."

"That will be seen." Lily said in her accent. She walked over to one of the large boxes as she started to inspect it.


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