Secret Rendezvous

Posted on Sun Jun 6th, 2021 @ 5:29am by President Gruzy of New Xindus & High Commissioner Jasmine Haynes
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Mission: Cheese
Location: Presidential Office, Starfleet One
Timeline: 2430-08-31, 19:20

As part of its refit Starfleet One had been outfitted with an ambassadorial section unrivaled in Starfleet. Located in the center of the Saucer Module, the Ambassadorial Section was dominated by an exact replica of the Federation Council Chamber that could be used by those traveling aboard to attend Council sessions. VIP Quarters lined the entire outer hull of the deck and were supported by accommodations for visiting diplomatic staff and even the press. There were conference halls and smaller briefing rooms. It was a diplomat's dream.

At the very front of the deck was a perfect replica of President Gruzy's Office in Paris on Earth. Offering an impressive view of the space ahead of the ship, the President of the Federation sat on the couch below the center window. He glanced out the window at the planet below, but it caused him to frown instead of smile to see how far Ni'Var had come. To know that they were in orbit of a Romulan world that once had been aligned with the Federation made his skin crawl. The sight of the massive Romulan Warbird flying passed them hit even closer to home.

He picked up one of the PADDs on the coffee table and started scrolling through it. He didn't look away from the tablet as he heard the door chime. Only one other person knew that this conference was going on and he was bound and determined to keep it that way. "It's open Jasmine."

Jasmine walked into the office, carrying a data pad in her hand. She had the daily iternary of the President. She liked to keep a copy of the schedule handy. As Chief of Staff, it was her duty to help plan out, and make sure the president adhere's to his schedule. As she walked into the room, she was already thinking about how his morning meetings were going to go.

But deep in her thoughts, she was concerned over Ni'Var, concerned about the lack of communications with New Vulcan Colony. They had a task group heading to the colony, to see what was going on in that system. And if that was not enough to be concerned with, she wondered how her leg was healing. The doctors told her to take it easy, and so far she had been a bad patient. She was constantly on the go.

"Good Morning Mister President." Jasmine said, as she slightly tilted her head in a nodding fashion. Showing him a sign of respect. She walked over to her pre-chosen spot in his chambers. Jasmine was ready as she was going to be, to get this day started.

"Good Morning," he repeated her greeting as he set aside his datapad and looked at her. "How are you feeling? Admiral Luzol had informed me that you were injured during an incident aboard the ship." He pecked the interface and scrolled through the schedule on his PADD as they talked.

"I'll be alright, legs a little sore and stiff. But I am good to go." Jasmine said, trying to down play the injury she had received. She learned long ago, never to show weakness.

The Xindi smiled. He had selected Jasmine to take on the role of Chief of Staff because he knew that she was tough. That was something that he needed. The barbarians were at the gate in many ways within the Federation Council with many of the legislators wanting to reign in Starfleet and even the President himself. At least with Jasmine he knew that he had someone in his corner.

"I have been reviewing the reports that Admiral Luzol has filed about the preliminary goings on at Ni'Var. So, the Starfleet Officers on shore leave started a brawl, got arrested, and are now missing? Plus, Admiral Coulson still hasn't been picked up?"

"No sir, he has not. Starfleet Intelligence is attempting to track him down. They are pulling all their sensor buoy's logs and combing through the data. We have dispatched two starships, to meet up with the USS Sulaco, the training ship assigned to the colony, in order to make contact with Governor Singh or Admiral Coulson." Jasmine said, as she read the data coming from her data pad.

The Xindi sighed, "I only authorized the Targaryens to take Starfleet One to Ni'Var to try to prevent Coulson from getting there and now they've opened up a diplomatic crisis. Praetor Tei already sent an official protest of the Enterprise being in orbit of Ni'Var and has demanded that we recall them immediately." He looked out the window, "I'm surprised that they don't have the ship surrounded even as we speak. Hell, with the cloaks they probably do. If we do active scans or anti-cloak scans I'm certain that they'll blow the ship out of the stars."

"Good suggestion sir." Jasmine simply said, trying to move past the comment as quickly as they could. "I'm a little concerned, they may see us scanning the area, as a sign of aggression." Jasmine suggested to the president.

"I know that I would," the President answered with a sigh. He rested his head against the back of the couch and peered out the window behind him. "If the Romulans get their wish they would have their banner flying above every Federation world. They already got Ni'Var, imagine if they moved forward to others. The Star Empire is proving themselves to be incredible, more than capable statesmen aren't they?" It was a rhetorical question. "Let's leave them to their fate. Jasmine, go to the Bridge. Inform Admiral Luzol that they are to depart from Ni'Var immediately. I want them back in Federation Space within..."

The President stopped midsentence and looked aside from Commissioner Haynes. "Excuse me for a moment," he informed as he tapped a control on the datapad before him. A few moments passed before he came back on, "Have you seen the holonews from Ni'Var?"

He didn't wait.

"Holodisplay," the President ordered, "Play GNN evening news file: Praetor's Address of Ni'Varian Society."

In the air behind them the video playback of Praetor Xeri Tei standing at a podium outside of the Imperial Romulan Senate filled the room. Proconsul Sakkath was not far behind, but what was most surprising was that there was such a massive crowd present. Vulcans stood at the base watching intently as the Praetor began her address, but the Romulans were the opposite. They were cheerful, boastful.

In an instant the world seemed to stop. On the holo an orb of golden light erupted from the darkness and slammed into the chest of the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. The crowd erupted into screams as the Praetor, their leader, disintegrated before their very eyes in a flash of disgusting light.

At the same time the room around them was bathed in a crimson light as Red Alert was sounded throughout the ship. Admiral Luzol clearly also knew about the devastating development around them. "This is the nightmare that we feared," Gruzy commented as the holovid faded away. "I want Starfleet One to return to Earth immediately. They'll want nothing more than to blow the ship out of the sky this time."

"I am heading to the bridge now, Mister President." Jasmine said, as she started to head towards the door. She needed to meet with Admiral Luzol as soon as possible. She wanted to get Starfleet One away from the area. It was clear, the president's safety was at jeopardy if they stayed.

"Keep me apprised. End communication," the hologram of the President faded away.