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Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 3:12am by Fleet Admiral Luzol & Lieutenant Zomuul jav Ghul & President Gruzy of New Xindus & Commander Nathan Hawkins & Secretary Jonathan Grayson of United Earth & Lieutenant Dylan Blake

Mission: Exodus
Location: USS Spock
Timeline: 2430-01-10, 15:45

President Gruzy sat in the small, closet like Ready Room of the Starship Spock considering the implications of everything that had happened. He had asked for his new Chief of Staff to join him as well as the Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the President. Admiral Luzol was nearby too, having been involved in the planning of the whole affair.

The tall Xindi looked up from the deck and at the Captain of the Spock, "So, tell me again what the plan is, Captain. So that we're all aware of what is going on with this shuttle idea of yours," he glanced at Luzol as he said the last part.

"In essence its decoy, a diversion." Hawkins explained leaning upon the metal wall beside the tiny desk. "The plan is to move the diplomatic transponder aboard the shuttle and send it on a plotted course away from our trajectory in hopes the Klingon vessel following us would pursue it."

The Captain bit back a weary sigh wishing this nightmare was over: "At present we cannot be certain what they'll intentions are, neither Lady Luck or ourselves would be a match should they be hostile. It's likely Starfleet has launched a search for us, the transponder should aid in that search."

Luzol continued, "It's a gamble, Mister President, but we are running low on options."

The President sighed, looking around the room at the others present. He was ready to get home, he wanted to move the galaxy on to the next challenges. Being out of communication this long had been disastrous. "What do you think about this?"

Before any could answer, Tellarite Lieutenant Zomuul jav Ghul entered the room from the Bridge. His disposition was sour, "Mister President, Captain, guests, I'm sorry for interrupting your meeting. The Lady Luck, they just stole our diplomatic transponder! They've dropped the tractor and are moving away at high impulse."

"What!?" Jonathan exclaimed as he looked at the others, "That doesn't make any sense. Why would they steal our transponder and then leave at high impulse?" He looked to Hawkins and Admiral Luzol for answers as they were the military people of the group.

Hawkins cursed lowly under his breath and hurried to the bridge: "They've turned themselves into the bait," he replied to the question with a sense of dread.

Admiral Luzol was already on her feet and through the door to the Bridge of the Starship Spock. Looking around at the dimly lit workstations and flickering lights, the Commander of Starfleet almost questioned what was going on. That was, until, she reminded herself that she was not in command of the Spock. This was someone else's Bridge and she was just a passenger on this voyage. She approached the status repeater next to the Ready Room door at the aft of the Bridge and waited to hear about what was going on.

A tall Saurian enlistee came passed and approached the Flight Controls. Sitting down at it, the alien typed on the workstation quickly.

Hawkins arrived momentarily afterwards: "Report," he demanded.

"We're adrift Captain," Blake responded stating the obvious. "Without the aid of the Lady Luck we're still carrying some forward momentum but it will soon peter out. We only have manvouring thrusters at our disposal we won't be able pesure them."

"Any word from Chomei before she left?" the Captain asked.

Blake shook his head: "No, nothing sir. It's like she's abandoned us but why wait till now?" The Lieutenant voiced the rooms thought having been unable to mask his fear.

Stiffy sitting at the central station Hawkins eyed the viewscreen closely, "If my theory is right Chomei has turned herself into bait for the Klingon Vessel off our stern bow." He glanced at Luzol behind over his shoulder before continuing. "Hold fast, maintain view on the Bird of Prey with luck they'll ignore us."

On the static filled viewscreen the distortion field did exactly as predicted: it moved away from them far faster than any of them anticipated that it would. The Flight Controller looked over his shoulder, "Supposed enemy vessel is moving away at high speed, Captain."

"So they took the bait," Luzol said with arms crossed from the back of the Bridge. "How long until they come swooping back in intent on killing us?"

The Tellarite Science Officer grunted as he adjusted the readouts on his workstation, "With what little sensor data I have they will intercept the Lady Luck in less than twenty minutes. If it's a Bird of Prey and they engage it'll take no time at all for them to win in a confrontation, unless Captain Chomei is a lot more tactically savvy than we think she is." He sighed, "They're going to be back within an hour. Two at the most."

Fazio, the Helmsman, turned in his chair, "With our current condition we could survive only a few shots before we would be at risk again. Captain, I recommend that we evacuate the President and his staff in the shuttle. With the Klingon ship now moving off we may be able to keep them distracted long enough for the President and his team to evacuate."

"I WILL NOT run like some frightened coward," the Xindi said as he approached from the aft section. "Whoever they are, whatever their purpose, they have proven that they are not worth our focus or attention. I am not afraid of them and their childishness. I will not leave you now."

"Respectfully mister President, we should not discount that option just yet," Hawkins turned. "We're less than thirty light years from Earth, that two hour time window would have you home and dry by then."

He looked at Jasmine then back at the others. He knew she was not going to like this, she probably wanted to throw him on the shuttle herself, but he was not going to take such a risk. "No," he said simply.

"No?" Hawkins repeated slightly flabbergasted at the President's resilience. He glanced at Haynes briefly before speaking again. "Your safety is priority sir. The smaller, nimble shuttle had more capabilities then the Spock at this moment."

"And I have made my decision," the Xindi answered. "My services are better needed here, helping your Corpsman in the Medical Bay than running away like a scared targ. No, I remain with," the ship rocked from an external explosion.

The Saurian Helmsman spoke up, "They spotted us. Klingon Battle Cruiser to port. They've fired distruptors."

The Captain clenched his jaw mutely in frustration. They'll long shot plan had failed and with it had fled their civilian support vessel leaving them back in square one again. Only this it was worse, a powerful vessel was bearing down upon them with weapons firing while the Spock sat helpless in the crosshairs.

They'll only hope was Chomei would succeed in bringing aid before it was too late.

"Raise shields," Hawkins ordered for what little good it would do. "Snoden, Blake keep us going as long as possible. We need to give Chomei time to find us aid."

In the wink of an eye the galaxy around them changed as space beside them began to shimmer and morph. Where once empty space had been the Stardrive Section of the Enterprise now rested.


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