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Writing a Mission Post

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2019 @ 9:38pm by Admiral Willian Targaryen

Posting in NOVA

1.) To begin the posting process please log in to the nova site for Starfleet One at by clicking on the log in control in the menu bar. Please remember that each Nova group that you visit may have a different appearance; however, most will have a similar process to log in to write.

2.) Once in the log in portal please fill in the fields to log in to the site. Your email address is your user name and your password will be what you set up when you created your account. If you can’t remember it please use the contact page to request a password reset or email the Game Master. You can also set the system to remember you by checking the REMEMBER ME selection button before clicking log In.

3.) Once you have accessed your Nova Dashboard you have multiple options available through the different submenus that you have available. Each player may have different information available based upon their role in the game they play in, but some settings are defaulted across all accounts.

a.) My Nova gives you an overview of your statistics as a player within the group. It will tell you how many Mission Posts you have completed or been part of, how many Personal Logs you may have written, and News Items you’ve created.

b.) Notifications will tell you what items require your attention. This lists any saved mission posts that you are involved in to allow you easy access to see any items you may need to write it. It also will list for you any private messages that you may need to respond to.

c.) Who’s Online Now lists all players that are currently logged in to the Nova site at the same time that you are. If you click on their name it will connect you to their personnel entry on the Nova site and will allow you to also send them personal messages should you want to work on a joint post together or discuss a matter of importance.

d.) The last section lists all recent activity within the group. The first section details recent mission posts to allow players access to all in game posts recently made available for participants to read. These may/may not have anything to do with your character and will keep track of the story from the timeline perspective. Recent personal logs are also displayed. These are summaries of events from the perspective of players. The last section details recent news items that have been posted by the group administration that are important for group operations.

4.) The Writing Control Panel is accessible from the menu and is where you will go to write mission posts. From this dashboard you can Write a Mission Post, Write a Personal Log, or Write a News Item. The bottom section features three tabs that lead to My Saved Entries (a section that lists all posts that your character is part of that are still pending completion), My Recent Entries (a section that lists all posts that you’ve recently completed and posted to the group), and All Recent Entries (this section lists all posts recently received regardless of player).

If you are planning to write a brand new mission post please click on Write Mission Post to be taken to the posting template page. If you are going to continue work on an existing post or joint post please select the post you want to continue working on in the My Saved Entries section from its title. If you are working on a personal log please select Write Personal Log from the choices. If need be you can write a news item by clicking on Write News Item, but this is normally limited to Group Administrators.

a.) Write Mission Post

The writing process for a new mission post is similar in many ways to any other posting medium. A player will start by clicking on the Authors drop down box. This will open a selection screen broken down by Your characters, Player characters, and NPCs. If you are the only person involved in the posting and will have no tags only select your name from the drop down menu. If you are tagging someone please click your name first and then click on authors again to select additional people from the drop down screen. Since this post involves President Gruzy and Admiral Lynz we will select their names from the drop down.

Once you have selected the characters/players involved in the scene continue going through the template to keep writing your post. The mission should autopopulate in the selection field to the current mission the group is involved in. The next step will be to make a title for your post. The title should be applicable to the contents of what your post will be about. You have no need to include character names nor tags in this section as this was handled in the Authors section. Since this post will be about a personnel review we will use “The Meeting” as a title.

Next you will input the location of the post. The format for this is the room where the players are meeting followed by the building, planet, or ship/station. An example of this would be: Council Chambers, Federation Council.

The last portion is to fill out the timeline section for your post. This is when the events of your post take place in the timeline of the game. The timeline takes the format MD000 00:00. MD000 indicates the mission date while 00:00 indicates the mission time in a 24 hour format. As this post takes place on Mission Day 1 at 1:00 PM the timeline entry will be MD001 13:00.

Once this is complete you will write the actual contents of your post. A post should be a minimum of three paragraphs in length and should add to the overall story of the group. A word of caution though is that a mission post should not be confused with responding to tags as tags are responses to dialogue. You are expected to contribute new parts to a story and engage other players as part of your membership of the group. If your post is tagging another character please type {TAG: Player} at the end of the contents to let another player know that it is their turn to write.

When completed with writing the contents of your post you may add search tags in the last field. These are specific words that the system can search through the search option in the menu. This is OPTIONAL to complete.

The last step is to decide what the next steps are. If the entry is complete you can post the writing by clicking POST. If you click post then the entry is considered finalized and will be sent to all players to read WITHOUT the ability to edit. If another player still has to enter their part of the story click SAVE. This will allow the story to continue to be edited by any other authors involved and they can post when completed, or return another tag. If something happened that the post is not ready or no longer needed you may click Back to Writing Control Panel.

b.) Keep editing

If you are continuing an existing mission post go to your writing control panel and select either the title of the post you want to edit or the pencil icon to open the post for editing.

This will bring up the WRITE MISSION POST screen with the existing message. If you are tagged or have something to add please select KEEP EDITING from the menu to make any additions related to your character.

Follow the same steps as above to continue your part in the joint post by responding to your tags. If you tag a player that is not involved in the post please add them to the authors section. You do not need to update the title, location, or timeline entries. If your entry completes the entire story please feel free to post the entry. If additional tags exist for other players please click save to allow others access to edit. DO NOT CLICK DELETE unless it is agreed upon by all players to delete the entry.

This concludes the section on writing a mission post.


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