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Restalar Kalev

Name Restalar Jana Kalev

Position Presidential Chief of Staff

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Coridan
Age 54


Personal History When she was a child, Restalar was a curious girl who loved art. She would spend hours drawing and creating significant pieces that earned her a reputation as someone quiet, beautiful, and kind. Her name became well known and, she was determined to have a future in art and sculpture.

Loved by her parents, she worked hard to please them and herself. She also loved designing clothes, and created some unique fashion ideas, that she allowed others to use. While she was aware of Coridan's history of being used for it's resources, she never thought that would become her fight.

When the Dominion attacked her world, it was a wake up call. She joined a defense force that worked with Starfleet.

In the process, Restalar met and fell in love with a human named Commander Kyle Goodman. He was her first contact with a human, and she fell fast for him.

The war made things difficult, so she saw him when she could. Her parents while not supportive didn't stand in her way of being with him.

The two were joined, but she kept her own name as, there was no custom on Coridan of abandoning your family name, which was her mother's.

It was a year later, she was informed, Kyle was killed in a battle.

Lost in grief for a time, Restalar came back stronger. She hated the Dominion, the Romulans, and the Orions for what they had done to her world.

Her underground unit learned of a collusion between Coridan and the Orions to covertly ship out more resources. They destroyed the Chancelor's building, and all within who they deemed proven traitors.

The bloodshed continued, until finally her side won.

Her request granted, she replaced the past council member who was deemed not guilty, but also not in line with the new administrations goals of self protection. New guidelines were drawn up as to how to ensure the seven planets of the Coridan system would never be misused again.

Assuming her seat on the council as a minor member at first, Restalar became fast friends with an Earth member named Marina Arroyo. Arroyo's history not as violent as her own, helped her see there were other means to solve crisis then war. Provided that the resources were in place.

To assist her in this goal, Restalar attended courses in advanced political science, diplomacy, and military doctrine. This goal shifted from wanting to protect her own world, to the Federation as a whole.

Taking counseling courses to calm herself and learn how to deal with others, the young Councilwoman proceeded to learn faster. Arroyo helped her sponsor legislation to increase starfleet funding, but in doing do, Arroyo hurt herself, as political foes against it, blamed her. She was subsequently shipped off to an open position on Denobula, to serve as area ambassador, but still a minor non-voting member of the council.

This upset Restalar, but she knew the game by now. She made other allies, many in the military. Citing Coridon Prime's past, she used that to better gain support to arm every Federation world possible with an orbital defense station, and a Starfleet precense.

When the Romulans attacked again, her influence grew, as many saw her as a strength who knew what she was doing. She was moved from a minor member to a fully voted one. Her status was now well cemented, giving Starfleet a strong voice against those that sought to defer funding to other projects.

Hearing about the possible death of her dear friend Arroyo, Councilwoman Kalev issued an order for Starfleet to investigate the destruction of the Midas Array and the fate of any on the planet. She received news, a starship USS Atlantis had in fact rescued many, but had since disappeared.

Wanting to know more, she learned through secret files, the ship was to go to the Delta Quadrant, and thus begin set-up of the first Federation permanent presence in the area. She hoped her friend had somehow been rescued, and survived. To get her mind off the incident, she returned to council business,
helping to fund the brief war, that removed the Romulans once again.

She has worked to control her anger towards those that have harmed her, and her world. The recent Vulcan/Romulan unification has shocked her, and Restalar now wonders what she can do to help repair this damage. For now, she intends to ensure, the Federation is not further weakened.

She still enjoys her art, fashion, and has not dated since her husband died, instead choosing to focus on her career.

Service Record Coridan Ambassador

Full Voting Member of Federation Council.

Clearance: Top Secret