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Lieutenant Commander Chire

Name Chire

Position Yeoman

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Creoli
Age 30


Personal History Chire, reportedly named for the sound she made when she broke free of her shell, was born on the Creoli home planet of Bairl. The Creoli are a large avian/humanoid race who have good standing with the Federation. Her bright orange feathers caused some tension among her parents as they were both golden colored and expecting their offspring to be the same. Her mother insisted she had not been unfaithful to her mate, as such a practice is unheard of in Creoli society, and even had Chire tested to determine that a rare gene she inherited from both parents was the cause of her discoloration. She was otherwise a very healthy female offspring.

The only egg of a farmer and a scientist, she grew up exploring her home planet without much supervision as the Creoli believe that children should be allowed to explore and solve their own problems as much as possible. Though they are not under constant watch they are very strict with their children so that they learn boundaries at a young age. They are well behaved little explorers.

At a young age she knew she wanted to study how things worked and was only the second Creoli accepted into Starfleet Academy in . The first being the federation Ambassador Vayr’s daughter Minvayr. She studied engineering exclusively at first but switched to operations because of the variety of tasks and her interest in all things Starfleet. She knew Starfleet would be able to let her explore the universe which had a much bigger backyard than her planet.

A quiet and thoughtful creature, she prefers to observe rather than speak. She thinks carefully about what she says and has been known to blush on occasion which makes the feathers around her face turn an even brighter shade of orange. She is brave, determined, hardworking and very focused on her career, so much so that she has few friends unless other reach out to her. Her hobbies include flying games on the holodeck, reading in treetops, listening to jazz and classical music and painting.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2418-2422
Chire excelled in her studies but her weakness was group activities. Although able to take orders from others, she often preferred to work alone as it was more efficient. It wasn’t that she disliked others, she may not have known how to interact with them well. She managed to pass the requirements there due to the dedication of another student Sandor Fleth, who insisted on helping her and became her friend after they graduated and were posted on separate starships. She never admitted to Sandor, but she believed she had a bit of a crush on him but did not know if their species were compatible nor how to initiate such a thing with an outsider from her world. On Creoli a mate was simply taken by initiating mating. If the other person did not want it to happen they simply left. Chire was considered too young for such a thing however and she let him go.

USS Delestrez: Operations Officer 2422-2425
Nothing noteworthy reported of her time here. She did her duty and rarely associated with other officers, something the command staff did not record as she was only an ensign and generally escaped notice by doing what was required of her.

USS Amalthea:Operations Officer 2425-2428
Injured during a battle, she broke a wing and the Chief Medical Officer contacted physicians on Bairl to assist in it’s repair and regrowth. Though she occasionally has twinges of pain from the incident they are not bad and she is able to fly with the wing now that it has healed.

USS Vesta: Assistant Chief Operations Officer 2428-2430
Chire initiated a mating ritual with a male human who kept staring at her. She mistook his looks of curiosity for attraction and was so embarrassed to find out she had been wrong. She didn’t speak to him for a week. Lieutenant Jasper Barings coaxed her out of hiding and they became friends, her first real friendship since the academy. He was later killed on an away mission leaving Chire very sad and quiet for weeks. She still misses him.

Starfleet One: 2430- Present
Just now coming into her mating years, Chire is unsure if she will find a mate or if she even wants one. She prefers to focus on her career aboard and see if anyone approaches her with interest rather than seeking it out as she has been hurt twice by rejection.