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Councilor Jahra Naron

Name Jahra Naron of Bajor

Position Federation Councilor

Rank Councilor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 42


Personal History Naron Jahra was born in a small settlement in the Eastern Province of Bajor to a family that had strong ties to protecting their planet. His namesake grandfather was a member of the Bajoran Militia during the Cardassian Occupation. His father served for a time in Bajoran Security Forces (even having a post for a time on Deep Space Nine, where he was proud to help protect the Celestial Temple).

Through his childhood, and education in Temple schools, Naron never doubted his decision. The third of three children, Naron was a serious student as well as athlete in preparation for what he thought to be his future.

Naron grew up knowing that the Prophets put service to Bajor in his destiny. Just before he came of age where he could enlist in the Security Forces, normalization of relations with Cardassia was formalized and a Cardassian Embassy opened on Bajor, with a Bajoran Embassy on Cardassia Prime. Naron saw this as the path for peace for his system and a return to its thousands of centuries of advancement in arts, medicine, philosophy and science.

He still joined. He served his first enlistement but not without scars. The battles and conflicts were short lived, but they had an impact. The last bastion of his will to remain in military service came at the death of his brother during the True Way conflict.

Naron walked away from military service and discovered another way to serve Bajor - as a vedek. He entered the Bajorra faith and in service to the Prophets. He entered and spent serveral years as a prylar before attaining status as a Ranjen, where he spent another ten years. Until he was finally made a member of the Vedek assembly. His stance was that Bajor was served by not completely disregarding its traditionalist past but not by being hidebound to it either. He argued against continued 'glorification' of Occupation, now ended for almost as long as it lasted and very few Bajorra left who actually lived through it - but to honorably remain vigilant of it as part of their history but move forward. Also, as a vedek he worked to defeat a second movement to return Bajor to the djarra caste system, disappointing many of his fellow traditionalist vedeks who believed him more conservative than he actually was.

Due to his ability to moderate on issues, he became one of the Kai's advisors on ecclesiastical matters, as well as a liaison from the Kai and Vedek Assembly to the Council of Ministers. Through his years of service to the Prophets, he believed he found his happiness that the Prophets planned for him at birth.