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Ambassador Ras th'Zaanaq

Name Ras th'Zaanaq

Position Speaker of the Federation Council

Second Position Ambassador of the Andorian Empire

Rank Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Andorian
Age 77


Personal History Ras is an Andorian thaan. He was born into a loving family bondgroup. His parents had a varied skill set, from a Diplomatic Officer within the Klingon embassy on Andoria, a commercial shuttle pilot, a local law enforcement agent and a chef. All passed on their skills as well their love and affection to Ras over his youth. He enjoyed spending time with each and everyone of them and continues to have a close relationship with them.

During his schooling Ras became fascinated by History. He enjoyed reading about the old Andorian Guard and conflict with the Vulcan’s, as well as all information regarding Andoria’s part in creating the Federation.

In his late teens he joined his own bondgroup, they tried many times to conceived a baby and eventually did. He has a 17 year old daughter, but due to his position in Starfleet and differences in the way she wants to live her life, they haven’t spoken for a few years but still gets regular updates from his other bondgroup.

Ras graduated in the top 2% of his class at the academy excelling in Diplomacy, Tactics, piloting and hand to hand combat.

In the final year at the academy he was approached to join Starfleet Intelligence, an opportunity which he jumped at.

After Graduating Starfleet Academy, Ras was put to work on the USS Hawking as an Intelligence Officer. The Hawking’s primary mission was provide Intelligence on enemy fleet movements and report back to SI.

The Hawking saw plenty of action over the course of the war. They saw and took every opportunity which came their way from sabotage, misdirection and all our assaults on installations. Ras was involved in every covert operation the Hawking undertook. Whether it was precision planning or being part of the team that went on the mission.

After the war ended Ras was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given numerous awards and medals for his contributions in the war effort. He was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence HQ were he worked on the logistic side of the service. The move was a personal request as he wanted to see the inner workings of Starfleet Intelligence.

For 3 years Ras served as a Logistics Officer for Starfleet Intelligence, making sure all operations received the correct equipment and on schedule so the operations or missions went ahead without any problems.

When an undercover mission to pose as a criminal in the Orion Syndicate to find out If the reports of the Syndicate and Gorn were working together, Ras jumped at the opportunity. He went in for 18 months, results on his findings were classified.

He then joined the USS Repulse as Chief Intelligence Officer. The Repulse was assigned to patrolling different areas of the Beta Quadrant. She also gathered intelligence on Romulan, Klingon and Gorn fleet movements in the area.

After 4 years on the Repulse, Ras was offered the chance to return to Starfleet Intelligence HQ as part of the Field Operations department.

In 2389, Ras was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and offer the newly created position of Deputy Director of Intelligence in the 8th Fleet.

After a brief stint on the USS Astraea as a mission advisor, Ras wanted to be back in space. He applied and was accepted for the position of Executive Officer on board the USS Medea.

Ras enjoyed his time on Medea, however, Starfleet Intelligence came calling again and in 2393 he was reassigned to Deep Space 7 as their Director of Logistics in the region.

In 2398, relations with the Klingon Empire are starting to slip, choices the High Council are making are making Starfleet Officials nervous. Ras is surgically altered and placed in a high position within the Klingon Government. In 2399 the Klingon Empire withdraws from the Khitomer Accords after the Federation condemns their attack on the Gorn.

Ras was ordered to withdraw and return to the Federation.

After he has his surgical alterations changed back and was debriefed, Ras was placed in temporary charge of Starfleet Security on Earth. After 6 months he was asked to serve as security attaché to the Federation President, the newly elected Krim Aldos.

Ras loved working closely with the President. The role saw them travel extensively around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and work with a lot of interesting people.

After Krim Aldos stepped down after his second term, the now Captain Ras considered his options. However, the newly elected President Picard offered him the opportunity of a lifetime and asked him to serve the council as liaison for intelligence. Ras jumped at the opportunity given to him by the great Jean-Luc Picard.

He served both terms for President Picard and then started to serve with President C’Tuur and later President Leisa Enaren. However, in 2422 Ras lost two of his bond mates in a shuttle accident. He resigned from his position and headed home to Andoria to grieve with his sole remaining bond mate.

In 2429, he was contacted out of the blue by the President Gruzy, who had recently won his re-election, and asked the former Starfleet Captain Ras If he’d come back and serve as a Security advisor to the Federation Council. Ras took some time to think over the offer but finally accepted the position.
Service Record 2370-2374: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2374-2375: USS Hawking - Intelligence Officer - Ensign
2375-2378: Starfleet Intelligence - Logistic Officer - Lieutenant JG
2378-2380: Undercover mission - Lieutenant JG
2380-2389: USS Repulse - Chief Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant
2389-2389: Providence Fleet Yards - Deputy Director of Intelligence - Lieutenant Commander
2389-2393: USS Medea - Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander
2393-2398: Deep Space 7 - Director of Logistics for Starfleet Intelligence in the region - Lieutenant Commander/Commander
2398-2400: Undercover Mission within the Klingon Empire.
2400-2401: Earth - Head of Starfleet Security - Commander
2401-2409: Federation President Security attaché - Commander/Captain
2409–2422: Federation Council - Liaison for Intelligence
2422-2429: Retired due to personal lose
2429-Present: Federation Council - Security Advisor