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Lieutenant Commander Victoria Rigby

Name Victoria Rigby M.D.

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32


Personal History General Overview

Victoria has a very strong character on the surface due to life’s lessons. Victoria was raised by an alcoholic father, who had turned to alcohol to cope with losing his wife aftr she died in childbirth, giving birth to Victoria. The result was that the young girl had had to learn to be dependent on just herself as her father was never there

Underneath the tough exterior lies a soft soul. Victoria is very quick to believe in love, always seeing the best in the people she met. Often she let a person in to fill the hole inside of her, but this most often results in her being hurt from being too trusting. Since losing her husband Jon and then Michael, her belief in love has been dented. He was a man she had found love with but just as quickly he'd been taken away with their child.

Just as quickly, Victoria found her belief in all she had worked for in Starfleet also thrown into turmoil following her last deployment and events that had played out.

Right now Victoria’s world is in a spiral and despite getting the help that she needs, at times it can be uncontrollable.

Victoria is also known to be a klutz, sometimes dropping items like books and cups but for some reason this never happens when she is in sickbay.

Victoria also prefers to be called Vikki.


Jeffery and Amber Rigby had a daughter, Victoria Terri Rigby in a little area off of the West Coast of Ireland called Connemara. Not long after giving birth, Amber passed away due to unforeseen complications. Jeffery was left having to raise his daughter on his own, having lost the only woman he ever loved.

Having no family Jeffery had to raise Victoria by himself. To help cope with the pain, he turned to alcohol and eventually became an alcoholic. As Victoria grew older, her father's drinking became progressively worse, resulting in Victoria having to learn how to look after herself, and a majority of the time, having to look after her father also.

At the age of 10, Victoria was involved in a horse riding accident where her horse threw her after being spooked by a wild horse, that same wild horse then trampled Victoria's leg. The Doctor's worked to rebuild her leg but due to the damage, the rebuilding they were able to do resulted in stunted growth in the bone of her leg, eventually resulting in a very weakened bone which was shorter the the other leg. Victoria ended up with a permanent limp and also had slight difficulty balancing in situations where the floor under her may shift. Also as a result of being thrown from the horse, the trauma Victoria suffered to her head resulted in the lens in her eye becoming detached. Even though the Doctor were able to reattach the lens, Victoria has required glasses for reading since.

At the age of 18 Victoria saw her chance to be able to escape her father by joining starfleet. In her first year of studying general studies, she realised that the one and only area she wished to go forward in was medical. Victoria found a deep love for being able to take a sick or injured patient and working hard to make them better or to heal their injury.