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Commander Zephryn Kaldiran

Name Zephryn Chancer Kaldiran

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulpiandrey
Age 40 Solas (62 Terran)


Personal History Childhood: 27 years (18 Solas)

Kaldres Chanscer-Sczhefrheirn Asherin was born in 2371 to Kaldres Raytelar Teldtael and Kaldres Serkinla Evelnee. He was the second male born to the household as well as having six older sisters. His culture has several wives to one male as the birth rate is about 1 male for every 7 females. His birth planet was Tlranovce, an outlier Frontier Planet that was outside the Nysarkine Nebula where the Majority of the L'Tandrey Protectorate is located. He was a fourth generation Vuliendrey born on Tlranovce, which allowed him to be more culturally integrated with the settlers on the planet. There are many races and cultures, including Kaferians and Hallorans.

Growing up, Zheph not only had to attend regular schools, but also an established L'Tandrey School for studies related to L'Tandrey culture, Telepathy Taboos, and special assesment for psionic disciplines. It was during this time that his enhanced spatial tracking abilities coupled with his enhanced awareness was discovered and began being honed by flying aircraft, shuttle craft, and racers.

After his Sophmore year in high school, he had to go through a survival test that all L'Tandrey male youths take. It lasted three months and Zheph passed with only a few medical needs, as well as a couple of trophies of large predators taken down by his skills. He was cleared for High School Completion. He took multiple tests in academics, physical attributes, and psionic disciplines.

University: 6 years (4 Solars)

He was sent to the main sector L'Tandrey Star Force Academy, the Qarv Ehdellien Academy on Qodhromian V in the Qrevhul Sector of the L'Tandrey protectorate. Zheph's majors were Pilot and Computer Science with minors in Tactics, Crystallotechnics, and Xenotechnics. He was slated for Command Service. He graduated on 2398.05.24.

L'Tandrey StarForce Record:

LSV Tahngael: 2 years

2398.09.01 Assigned to the LSV Tahngael (Exploration Vessel - Light Cruiser). Assigned to exploring nearby ex-borg held territories as well as requested territories.

After having rifted to the Raeya Sector of the Federation (Unknown at the time), the LSV Tahngael came across the USS Turanda, a Nova class Science Vessel. The two vessels agreed to an exchange of information and also an exchange of two officers. Kaldres Chanscer-Sczhefrheirn Asherin was one of those officers who came aboard as Flight Control Officer. The Science Vessel is commanded by Commander Syndra Akra.
Service Record Federation Starfleet Record:

USS Turanda: 6 months

2400.05.22 USS Turanda - Exchange Officer, Fligth Control Officer. Learning Federation Technology, studying under Flight Control as well as Engineering.

2400.11.08 During the routine investigation of a nebula in the outbound area of Raeya , nearest planet of Romulan Star Empire of Thieumulll, a Romulan Warbird (new class) had dropped out of cloak and fired unprovoked upon the Science vessel. After it was destroyed, The ship and three other support ships of a faction wanting war with the Federation tractored the escape vessels to go into the neutral zone. The jamming field was turned off to wait for rescue ships.

Zheph had been performing Life Pod Maintenance when the attack had come. He survived. Of the ship's 80 personnel, only 12 survived. Commander Akra had Zheph use his telepathy track where the lifepods were to allow bringing them together, as well as track the Romulan ships under cloak, even though draining on the L'Tandrey. At one time, he is ordered to see through the eyes of a pilot who is distrought with his Captain to find out the Romulan Commander is a crazed separatist who loves the older WarBirds with their huge plasma weapons over the D'Deridex ships. He wants to bring his peoples heritage back.

Commander Akra has (now known as Lt. j.g. Zhephryn Chancer Kaldiran, Zheph, in easier time being with the other races and Terran) Zheph employ his Telepathy and Telurgy (understanding of nerve and body responses) to help with wounded and keep track of the Romulan craft. A Lyran Frigate, stolen by an LDR Representative, damaged, comes by to help them out. To hide that they are being rescued, Zheph uses his telepathy to time the rigged escape pods to blow up even as the survivors float towards the Frigates cargo hold. It is enough?

The Romulans suspect something similar, but don't mind as they know the damage of the Lyran vessel, and also that its transmitters will reach further. However, what they don't expect is a research scientist with a conscious piloting a Federation Vessel with an extremely experimental drive on board. He and his crew rescues those from the damaged Lyran Frigate.

Now it is a cat and mouse game as the USS Wraith jockeys towards the Federation territories through the Romunlan area while being cloaked and repairing their 'Wraith' Drive. Zheph is used extensively to keep track of other cloaked vessels so that they can continue to dodge the ship sweeping by the renegades. The Wraith drive is repaired several times, phasing the ship out of the normal and warp universe during combat, preventing their destruction, but the energies of the plasma's passing through the phased ship keep reaking havoc upon those same drives. The Wraith drive was supposed to phase a ship from one point in the universe to another, near instantaneous travel, but the drive was only to the point of phasing out of the known universe, but only in a way that physical would not affect, but some high energies could. The next steps would be to understand the phase subrealm and travel within, if that chance could be gained.

However, upon each encounter with the enemy vessels and their plasma torpedoes, more of the Wraith is carved up. Soon, the Ship is without sensors and resources to repair. Thus, Zheph is used as the 'sensor' while others gestalt with him to continue the journey to Federation space. They just make it, but the three warbirds refuse to give up. The Wraith is beyond repair and rigged for self destruct. On the bridge Zheph finally collapses from overuse of his abilities in ways not meant to be, but had to be used for keeping those alive on board.

At this time, the USS Revolution, an Experimental Dreadnaught class, chasing the signature of the Wraith Tech, finds them and beams out the crew as the Warbirds come out of cloak to swoop in to capture the Wraith, and are taken out by the self destruct.

Aftermath: Admiral Kovod in the Cargo Bay where they are being segregated from the rest of the crew. Standing before them, Admiral Kovod says, "We dropped a lot of weight on your shoulders. Weight that would have broken men with careers twice as long as yours. Relations between the Federation and the Romulans will no doubt be strained, but hell, they've always been strained. We'll get through it, which is a far sight better than what would have happened had you failed. In the coming years, you will all be asked questions about the events that have taken place, and your actions will be scrutinized from every angle. If any of you ever begin to doubt what you've accomplished, I want you to think back on this moment, and these four words. You saved the Federation." Admiral Kovod nods to Commodore Grant, who then steps forward and begins calling everyone forward to receive the Federations Medal of Valor. As the Medal is pinned on their chest, Admiral Kovod shakes their hands and gives them his personal thanks for the job they did. When every chest are adorned with the medals, Admiral Kovod again speaks, saying, "It is my fervent hope that your career in Star Fleet from this point on becomes much less exciting. You have passed a trial of fire, and if there is a ship in this fleet that you have your heart on, I'll do what I can to get you aboard it."

USS Talbot: 2 years

2400.11.22 USS Talbot - Assigned to the USS Talbot under Captain Adrian Shepard to continue Officer Trade program. Vessel is advanced scientific/secret Intell vessel. Ship and crew sent into Romulan space to help seek out Romulan Sect (as discovered by USS Revolution) bent upon creating war between Klingons/Romulans, and to stop and/or prevent new weapon development around the singularity event used to power the newest Romulan warships.

Zheph and a fellow crewmember (a Haloran) used their psionic abilities to get the team into the protected facility hidden in sector 1879 (Romulan charts). Once there, an instability was set up into the weapon to cause it to overload upon use and create a momentary event horizon, destroying the facility and much of the material holdings of this particular Romulan Faction. While there, team involved in rescuing several kidnapped Romulan Royalty that were being used to garner money and anonomy of activities by the Faction. Zheph was key instigator thanks to his telekinetics, while the Haloran used his holodeck like abilities for misdirection.

After leaving, the Talbot was managed to be spotted by a creative old guard Captain of the K'Valkti'chk. Zheph was at the helm when an attack occurred, and he used his telepathy to transfer tactical information quickly to the bridge crew. His ability with the helm (considered a Precise Evasion talent) immensely helped the ship to decrease incoming plasma torpedo strength while allowing the ship to gain a full strike ability with phasers against the Romulan ship as pinpointed by Zheph using his natural Spatial awarness and tracking where the vessel possibly would be due to vessel logistics. When those phasers hit the Romulan ship, they allowed the photons to target and disable the Romulan Vessel. It destroyed itself to prevent capture. Zheph was given a field promotion to full Lieutenant Commission still of a 'temporary' status until StarFleet Academy taken and passed.

The USS Talbot came in for a refit and a spot opened up at the StarFleet Academy for Zheph to go into the classes.

Starfleet Academy: 2 years

2402.08.10 Academy Service:

As Zheph was a field commissioned Lieutenant, he came into the Academy under the RApid Integration Program. As the Technology of the L'Tandrey is Crystalline-Ceramic based instead of Silicon-Metalic based, it was deamed to have a 2 year program instead of a one year program.

Zheph proved very eager, with a voracious appetite for knowledge. As he went through the study guides, then Rapid Immersion Testing, his papers were always precise, very detailed, and well thought out. Several research papers he performed for his advanced studies classes earned him recommendations and rewards. Zheph could have been first in class, but felt that the other three above him deserved the honors more and therefore did exactly as he needed to come in fourth. He was serving the needs of his new 'shipmates'. This information was put into his Psych eval. Lt. Commander Survok gave him a high recommendation for serving in Starfleet, and A'Shrin went on to the fleet. Lt. Commander Survok is the Lead Sciences Instructor at the Academy.

However, his two years at the Academy was not without incident. Somehow other students discovered he was naturally Telepathic. This information was usually kept very discreet as there are several Telepathic races in the Federation, and most students handle the information okay, but some are prone to bigotry. Thus, during the fall during Football season, he was jumped by a group of jock's and beaten. He only defended himself, working at not causing any harm. He was treated for fractured ribs, concussion, heavy bruising and mild internal injuries. He did NOT press any charges, hoping that such would show others he was not there to be an adversary. When internally investigated by the school, it was found that the students in question had heard that Zheph was trying to take over their minds to lose at interrival games, as well as take their girlfriends for themselves. These proved to be rumors and not true. Upon investigation by Intell, leaks had come from crossed messages meant for another subject race member from the Cardassians area of space.

Next, during finals of a damage control hands on lab, when working on an starship engine assembly, Zheph's safety equipment failed. As this was done in a full scale mockup at the Academy, under gravity, there was a chance of falling to grave injury or even death. However, Chen used his telekinetics to swerve and land upon an unprotected, old broken support grid. The exposed durasteel rebar within the reinforced high stress concrete pierced his abdomen and both legs. Investigation by the school showed the safety harness was sabotaged. The investigation did not turn up anything, but the note within the file showed it stemmed from Intel Ops and to be left alone. (They were trying to find out strengths and limits of the L'Tandrey Telekinetic ability, who cared of the subject died.)

During the fall of the second year, rumors circulated about the LTandrey that he was trying to disrupt a couple of fraternitys rites of passage for new recruits. Thus, during the routine check and upgrade of an auxilliary computer core, the specialized equipment being used for the check exploded. The explosion caused small puncture wounds, burns, and scrapes over his body, along with some ear and muzzle damage. Zheph seemed to take it in stride and fully recovered after treatment. The investigation could not determine who as the equipment was accessible by any 3rd and 4th year students.

The final unusual occurrance with Zheph was at spring break before graduation classes. At the beginning of spring break, Zheph was heavily drugged by a bartender and he was dropped into the Alaskan Wilderness. At the end of Spring Break, a call came from Kodiak Island asking for transport for one Cadet Zhephryn Chancer Kaldiran. He came in and reported to the Medbay for checkup. He was rather fit, only mild malnourishment, as he had used his adult-hood rites of passage training to survive in Alaska in spring without any gear or clothes. Whoever had done so at the academy never came forward, and Zheph did not press charges.

Zheph wrote in his final thesis papers, requested command track, and graduated from StarFleet Acadamy at Lieutenant rank.

USS Nimitz: 4 years

2404.09.11 USS Nimitz - Advanced Exploration Cruiser. Zheph easily fell into Flight Controller, at full Lieutenant as the Department heads were Commanders and the XO was a captain and the Captain was a Commodore. It was discovered early on about his knack for understanding spatial dynamics of a vessel he was piloting and thus he was called to serve for many initial greeting shuttle flights and diplomatic shuttle flights. He also had hazardous space Control duty.

His abilities of Telepathy, Telekinesis, Awareness, and Telurgy were explored and welcomed on board the USS Nimitz. Several times, during harried situations, his abilities helped difuse, or sway the encouter towards Federation proferred outcome. He was promoted to Lt. Commander

It was at this time that the Senior Vulcan on the science team, Surock, decided Zheph should get Neuropressure techniques - numerous techniques for the stimulation and control of nerve impulses. As Zheph's Telurgy was even a step beyond this ability, being able to use that ability for more than just a 'touch reading of the mind' would prove useful.

Vulcan Academy of Advanced Self Study: 2 Academic years

2408.09.01 Vulcan Academy of Advanced Self Study - Zheph was sent to the Vulcan Academy where they trained to understand their own Psionics and mind/body disciplines that came from those studies. Zheph was very happy to be among those who had low level telepathy and let him engage in mind speak as well as learn of their ways. He now knew how Vulcans applied their 'neck pinch' techniques, and understood he could now do them from any touch to the nerves as his telurgy would key and find those nerves through the nervous system of the body. He graduated with a small charm to show his efforts, with the admonishment to only use what he learned for the greater body of sentient.

USS Ryan: 3 weeks - Destroyed by CEO

2410.07.27 USS Ryan - Zheph was transferred to the USS Ryan as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer under Captain Ronald James Thorgin. The ship was exploring the Gamma Quadrant toward the Delta Quadrant outside the Federation Influence of Starbase Gamma One. Ship and crew encountered new alien life form. After making friends with alien life form, began to follow it back to its home world in the Delta Quadrant. However, energies unbalanced some of ships crew and personal sabotage resulted to ship, and to relationship to advanced alien life form.

Zheph, due to his Telurgic Disciplines, was unaffected by the local space energies. He tried to keep crew and ship together, but then the Chief Engineer sabotauged the Auxiliary control console as because Zeph was involved with a Caitian Bridge Command Specialist name of K'rissia. If Nabor couldn't have her, nobody could. K'Rissia was killed, Zheph survived. He managed to organize several runabouts to escape before the ship blew up by actions of the crew. He was givin several commendations for his efforts.

USS Minneapolis: 6 years

2410.08.15 USS Minneapolis - The runabouts and escape pods were rescued by the USS Minneapolis. On board, he learned that they were returning for deep space service and had lost their Chief Flight Control Officer. He took leadership in that role. As the Commodore was also Haydrian Royalty, several missions were of Diplomatic power struggles of the Federation and of Haydrian Royalty. Zhephs skillful piloting and understanding of the ship and its stresses helped keep the ship functioning and repairs to a minimum with each successive brunt of 'missunderstandings' and 'diplomatic envoy missions.' He earned multilpe commendations and medals and was promoted to Commander.

However, after several years of political turmoil, he was ready for a change. NOTE: See medical record for incidents if needing to know more.

USS Odysseus: 4 Years

2416.07.07 USS Odysseus - Commodore Davina Hauf invided Zheph onboard to become Second Officer on this new front explorer vesesel. This vessel was the official representation of the Federation to a newly discovered Hexapedal race, the Elixi, and their huge world ships.

The Elixi were passing through, and used chemical auric signatures to mark and be known as friends, as well as an understanding of energy matrix micro current flows as it relates to hull materials and designs to allow for large craft travel between worm holes, Transgate corridors, and for those races who had the specialty psionic circuitry and psionic melding of tech, rifts.

Zheph took training roles in Bridge Command Specialiast as Engineering, then Operations, then tactical. This setup his qualifications for becoming an executive officer when warranted.

it was on this ship that he discovered among the civilian ranks an Audvant trained L'Tandrey Vixen. The two hit it off, and after dating for six months, were married by Commodore Davina.

When required, Zheph would use his personal scout, , LPV Tian Shiani Ahra, L'Tandrey Scout, with its crew under Captain Ebandsia Denebstar, to take on various Elixi to the Federation worlds, as well as L'Tandrey worlds. It was during this time he took his second wife.

During these trips, especially for Federation Council Assignments, that he met Admiral William Teagarden. He was a discreet part of helping to form the Federation Aliance of 2420, keeping to the background as his abilities would have thrown disarray into the treaties. He gladly remained there, wanting the balance and treaties as it would save many lives.

A request came through for an Executive officer.

USS Thesis: 3.7 Years

2424.07.06 USS Thesis - Zheph transferred to a Quadrant Control Ship in the Raeya sector. He was promoted to Captain and became Executive officeron board.

The ship's missions dealt with several mining colonies, frontier worlds, outliers, and zones of mining. The diplomatic core on board was kept busy, while the Flight Control division was kept even busier as it endured the hazards of the space around them as well as setting up a first in colony on a world that was of interest as a close monitoring planet to the C'hakilian Empire.

When required, Zheph would use his personal scout, , LPV Tian Shiani Ahra, L'Tandrey Scout, with its crew under Captain Ebandsia Denebstar, to take on various missions for the Thesis, as well as to transport Diplomats, VIP's, and even criminals, to Federation worlds and colonies as decreed. He also did side jaunts to the L'Tandrey Protectorate to visit family. It was during this time he his wives found three ladies for him to date, and they became fiances..

Then, a new request came in from Starfleet at the behest of the Fleet Admiral and Starfleet Council.