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Lieutenant Commander T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara

Name T'Lisha "Hawkeye" Bishara

Second Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Vulcan
Age 40


Personal History T'Lisha comes from a family that has long been involved in Starfleet Fighter Squadrons. She flew her first fighter at the age of 12 with the guidance of her father. It wasn't long before she joined SF Academy and enrolled in the fighter wing division. She flew through her courses and impressed her instructors. One she literally blew away with an inverted flight 13 meters off the top of his own fighter. He was not only impressed but gave her the dressing down of her life. She got top honors in group flying and formation flying. Her accuracy was impressive with a 95 out of 100 targets hit. Because her family is all fighter pilots she is technically a fighter brat and she knows it. Piss her off and that human side comes out of the closet and well you don't want to see her when she is angry. The Vulcan part of her life is somewhat hidden because she allows her emotions to come through but when it comes to logic and the practices of meditation she can be impressive. She has a quick mind and fast hands and reflexes and can react to a given situation faster than the normal human being. With that said she is all in all a top notch fighter pilot that can be counted on with things get dicey.

She was married for three years to one Lt. Cmdr. John 'Hot Shot' Lawson, and it was a wonderful marriage as they flew many times together. It was on one mission where there were in a dog fight with nine enemy fighters and they took out six before her husbands fighter was shot up so bad he had to bail out but before she could come around and shoot the remaining ships the enemy ships shot up her husbands escape pod killing him instantly and she defied orders and took off after them and shot them down in spite of sustaining damage to her own ship. When she returned to the ship she was chewed out severely and grounded for several missions. Charlie Mc Dougal took care of her and brought her around and calmed her down as her parents made sure he was onboard and stayed with her. He was the only one that could deal with her temper and cool her down. She was devastated by her husband's death and swore she would never marry. It was this mission on the Hamilton that got her the grade reduction and since then she has become an outstanding officer with no further incidents.

Charlie moved with her throughout her career as per her father's instructions and have become an inseparable pair of officers on the USS John Paul Jones. She took over one mission due to the demise of the squadron leader and was given that position as a result and served with distinction. Soon after the USS John Paul Jones was sent on a deep space mission which would have taken her from her favorite areas of space so she asked for a transfer to a closer ship and was given the USS Pathfinder where she was a fighter pilot with the rank of Lieutenant. Charlie also went with her and is currently Petty Officer 1st Class as well serving along with her.

T'Lisha eventually was given the CAG position on her next ship, USS Farragut. She served here in more ways than she could ever dream of. Not only was she CAG but she was also called upon several times to double as helm officer. She flew the Farragut almost like she flew her Valkyrie. Knowing she was flying a bigger ship she had to adjust her knowledge to boot and with her existing knowledge of old Earth history aerial combat, she flew the ship like she was born to it. Impressing her captain so much, he promoted her to Lt. Commander after one harrowing battle in which she lost only two fighters but not her pilots. Between flying the Farragut and directing her squadron at the same time she did in fact save both pilots. After three years of service, the aging Galaxy class was decommissioned and T'Lisha was summarily transferred to Starfleet One where she awaits her new orders.
Service Record Graduated Academy assigned to USS Hamilton as helm officer/fighter pilot. Promoted to Lt. Jg

Reveived a grade reduction to Ensign for incident oh Hamilton.

Transferred to USS John Paul Jones as Squadron Leader.
Promoted to Lt.

Transferred to USS Pathfinder as Fighter Pilot.

Transferred to USS Farragut as CAG.
Farragut decomissioned and she was transfered to Starfleet One awaiting her assignment to CAG and Helm Chief.